Sickness In America

It is getting to be a real story that maybe America really is sick? But it’s not the flu or even a pandemic. This is an ideological, mental disease. It’s time to face that old rumor.

So how do you know? How bad is it? Yes, there are some sick people, who get publicity, making the case that America is sick. There are so many to choose from.

Consider Bernie Sanders, a self-professed socialist but also a communist, if we are honest. Bill De Blasio in NYC is an icon of the socialist left and also a commie, elected and reelected. Before him was Bloomberg. We have AOC and the Squad with Omar,Tlaib and Presley. Obama and plenty others, from Mayors to Governors with varied levels of radicals.

Yes, those are examples of well-known people who rose to fame and glory in the press these days. Bernie led the way, of course. Remember when he was the crazy socialist?

Still they, and the list is long, are not the proof of this sickness in America. The proof is that people made them popular, even normalized them in the public square. Or those people that gave them power and the megaphone in this country. That is the proof of this sickness of America. Their popularity and support is the real proof of a sick America.

On top of those names, there is a group and a PAC called Justice Democrats that also supports, funds and endorses all these radicals. Even that group enjoys popular support.

Do you think for one minute that had these avowed socialists or radical commies been supremacists or right-wing extremists, with that kind of fawning popular support, people would not be screaming that America is sick? They would have declared it before this.

No doubt about it. Yet the former have plenty more popular support than those latter extremists could muster today. Worse, the ultra-Leftists have been mainstreamed by Congress and in government across the country — from Philly to San Francisco.

They just call them progressive Democrats or whatever name they want to go by. No one objects. But it is the mainstreaming of support on the Left for them that proves it. The lack of condemnation they receive says more. They are the base, and the base is them.

At this point percentages are irrelevant. But the popularity of that pudding confirms it.

Right Ring | Bullright | © 2020

One comment on “Sickness In America

  1. Bullright says:

    Wouldn’t want to be like you – Alan Parsons Project



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