Time In A Bernie Bottle

I post this old video as a reminder that it all did not happen overnight and Bernie is no less radical than he was then. It was a decades long path.

The only difference is that he managed to mainline bullshit along his way. And, judging by the times, it has taken him pretty far. The pied piper of socialism marches on.

“Bernie Sanders: “No, I Will Not Yield!” (6/4/1992)”

Shudder at the thought had he been more popular then? Well, there is whistling past the graveyard and then there is leading a pied-piper parade through it with a Mariachi band.

But in all, Bernie has hardly changed his stripes. He is what he is, which testifies to the fact that rehabilitation in Washington really doesn’t exist.

There are some roads that make u-turns impossible. This is one of them.

Commies do not yield… who knew?

Right Ring | Bullright


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