Stars Of Hypocrisy

It would be easy to just say that 2020 is the year of hypocrisy but that is too easy. It was worse than that because various sources of that hypocrisy make it so much worse.

DNC, political leaders, FBI, intelligence, former presidents and deep state hacks, the DOJ and our very justice system, press and media. Among them were courts, judges, mayors, journalists/reporters, governors, members of congress and media. A plethora of hypocrites completed a tragic, reoccurring picture all across America — from sea to shining sea, from one border to the other. Nothing nor anywhere was off limits.

Yet it might all be only a sign of the times and just the way it is. But these hypocrites did not care that they were being hypocritical. It was expected.

One man stood at the center. But supposedly only he could be blamed for everything. There was no accountability anywhere else. Blame Trump was the anthem echoed.

It started off with a phony impeachment and then progressed to the worst election in modern history. Then no accountability for any of it. Accountability was in retirement.

A pandemic, brewed up in 2019, came from China but no one was allowed to blame China. We should blame Europe, said Governor Cuomo. Misappropriation of blame only added to the hypocrisy. We found these fearless hypocrites could be accountable for nothing, while all claiming to be acting responsibly.

All the crises were merely political opportunities. A rational person would seek solutions to problems. But Democrats search for any benefits they can harvest from problems, or however they can take advantage of a crisis. “Who needs solutions when there are benefits to be had?” Get you some. Extortion, blackmail, treason and abuse of power became tools of the trade, a skill set learned from years in “public service.”

What sick minds operate in that way? The worst.

If these dire circumstances result in Democrats gaining more political power, and benefit their agenda, then it would all be worth it. Nancy Pelosi said as much in December when she declared to the press that this was not a mistake, “well, we have a new president.”

Pelosi’s doctrine: so we have given you a great crisis but look what we got out of it.

Nursing homes filled with dead victims while the governor was writing a memoir on his leadership skills. The phony impeachment led to discovering what Biden’s family had done around the globe, which no one had looked at and everyone roundly denied over a year.

Failed leadership was the talking point while lies from radical politicians surrounded us. Democrats blamed Trump and Republicans for what they themselves were guilty of doing.

So their consensus was ‘we needed a leadership change’ by ramming through the old, failed leadership of the past eight years, who caused most of the problems.

Violence and riots erupted everywhere in the name of some social justice. Anti-peace rallies were in vogue. But all that was ignored by press, media and Democrats for political gain; so it was sanctified instead. They blamed the problems they created on the president. So that is why they needed to oust him. Weird? Worth rigging an election over.

By year’s end, the Dems’ sanctimonious nom de plume of Resistance evolved into charges of “sedition” against the Right. Forget the four years of sedition, treason and coup that brought them here. These stars only aligned this year for one thing, to celebrate hypocrisy.

Right Ring | Bullright | © 2020


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