Word Play

Somehow over a month ago I started getting these emails from a new source. I’m not sure why? You know how that process goes.

This new email is called “School of Word Play”. So I have been looking at the daily word. Today the word is “Hogwash.”

Origin: Mid 15th century; English

Merriam– Webster says:

1 : swill sense 2a, slop
2 : nonsense, balderdash

It’s one I frequently use but was surprised to see it on their educational list.

I can think of many applications for that word today. Everything I hear coming from media is technically hogwash — pig swill. Yep, I like the word. It’s a keeper.

I’ll be going 15th century hogwash a lot in the coming year. Count on it. I always thought of it as sort of slang, but now that I know it is proper vintage vernacular…..

Hold my beer! (Iggy says he has a shorter word too.)


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