Snap Impeachment

And we’re off. What a way to usher in a new, inferior president by impeaching the current president. Make sure to stain him. Then raise and anoint the shadow of a fatally flawed candidate as some Messiah to cure all our problems. That should work.

What Democrats rolled out is nothing short of a McCarthy-era witch-hunt. Now turning the same tactics on the disproving public. They were determined from day one to get or take out Trump any way possible. No, even before he took office.

Four years of a coup by any means culminated in a brand new election model, never attempted before, with few rules or guidelines to prevent fraud. What could go wrong? But security was not the purpose; preventing a second Trump term was.

Just hope it doesn’t all snap back-acha.

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4 comments on “Snap Impeachment

  1. Oh I know… Right?

    So much mindless debating about insane concepts across the interwebs… I have been absorbed in finding out what “the other side” has to say and it is downright frightening how “mainsheep” media are marching in such philosophical (if not literal) lock-step.

    A look at _Banned_ content, available from the many obscure outlets still available, shows a wide range of explanation as to what is going on in the American right wing (from weak to wack-o) that it is is quite difficult to imagine republicans ever coming together (with any measurable strength) under a single banner.

    Since I am no true “follower” of any Earthly being, I very often forget to check in on my friends. I was reminded of you when I spied your banner ad on my home page and could just kick myself for waiting so long to check in on the Right Ring.

    I have been nourishing my soul by catching up on what I have missed here and must praise you brother, on your ability to express complex thoughts and feelings with such tact and decorum. It is common sense folks like yourself that shine as beacons of hope in these ridiculously troubled times.

    Keep up the good work – please look me up when they shut you down – and likewise I’m sure 😉


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  2. drrik says:

    Impeachment of the week.
    By the weak.
    It’s like “racist”.
    Used so much it has become a meaningless term that indicates that one is doing something right and irritating the libprogs.

    Of note: The Washington Post published a story of the first plan for impeachment of The Donald approximately 19 minutes after he was declared the winner in 2016.

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    • Bullright says:

      Right, they have completely redefined it, like rewriting the Constitution. But then they were out in the streets marching on Trump’s Inauguration and ever since. A good chunk of Democrat pols were with them. Now they forbid all opposition. It’s too dangerous to ask questions.



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