Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

If you want to understand what Biden’s infrastructure plan really is, then you have to read this article from the Cato Institute.

Surprise, surprise… his plan is not all glitter. And the effects certainly are not what they are cooked up to be. But other than that, it is a big spending plan anyway.

Biden’s Anti‐​Infrastructure Plan

March 25, 2021 • Commentary

By Chris Edwards

President Biden and the Democrats just spent $1.9 trillion on an unneeded stimulus bill, and that could be just the beginning of their budget blowout. Next up is an infrastructure plan of $2 trillion or more. The stimulus bill was debt‐​financed, but Democrats are saying that the infrastructure bill will be funded by tax hikes. Those hikes, combined with the labor and green regulations Biden wants to impose, will damage infrastructure, not help it.

The key to infrastructure policy is recognizing that the private sector owns most of it. In 2019, the nation had a massive $40 trillion in nondefense, nonresidential fixed assets, which is a broad measure of infrastructure. The private sector owns 65% of it, including power stations, freight railways, pipelines, factories, broadband networks, and much else. State and local governments own 30%, including highways, schools, and airports. The federal government owns just 5%, including dams, postal facilities, and other assets.

“Biden’s corporate tax hikes would undermine these crucial investments, yet his infrastructure plan includes billions of dollars in subsidies for broadband. Biden would take with one hand what he gives with another, and the overall economy would shrink as markets are replaced by political resource allocations.”

Read at

This will explain what his plan actually does, not what Biden says. Bold all right. Killer bold.

Shovel-ready Joe is back. This time with a bigger shovel.



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