Floyd Verdict Hangs In Air

Tuesday it is reported the jury in the George Floyd case has come to a verdict. It will be reported soon. That could mean only one thing.

But tonight the verdict will be delivered to Minneapolis. Does it survive?

In the coming days the verdict will be delivered across the country. We surmise what that will be. What was that deliberation process?

So it isn’t a hung jury for Floyd but it could be for the country. What a shame. Protests are planned in solidarity with Floyd in major cities.

And if Mad Auntie Maxine’s comments were not enough yesterday, Biden added to the mix suggesting the verdict is overwhelming, in his opinion.

It all sort of makes you wonder deeply what due process really is?

NBC: “”But at the same time, I can’t stop people from doing the things that they’re doing because people are in pain,” Floyd[George’s brother] said, adding Daunte Wright was killed by a police officer following a routine traffic stop just 10 miles from the court room where Chauvin is being tried. “They’re hurt.”

I don’t see pain as riots and looting. Hurt doesn’t align with destroying bunsinesses and personal property in towns and cities across the country. America awaits that verdict.

How about a piece of justice?

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2 comments on “Floyd Verdict Hangs In Air

  1. AsheDina says:

    The animals riot regardless. Its disgusting

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