Downstream Politics, Upstream Revolution

As an aside admission, for years I did not take seriously enough that politics was downstream from culture. But I see how important that is.

I underestimated the connection between the two. Ignorance is no excuse.

You know, Democrats over the years criticized the right any time it stood up on cultural issues. They would say anything to get us to ignore culture. Not to say it worked; you can’t ignore it. But they knew culture is upstream from politics. So if you can change the culture then you change politics.

No wonder they wanted to fool us into ceding ground to the culture. If the Cultural Revolution is raging, the worst thing you can do is not show up – or dismiss it entirely. Some Republicans have yet to learn that while all the Democrats delve into it like the mother’s milk.

Forfeiting that ground is a huge error of omission in the war. Democrats seem to have a knack for running that cultural warfare. Not leading it but running out in front of every issue. We often just sigh and turn away.

But we cannot afford to do that. We must embrace the cultural battle if we want to win this war for the country. It may not be easy, but losing the country is tougher to handle. Losing both politics and the country in the end is devastating.

So the sage advice is to engage it or lose it. As I said at the top, I am guilty for not paying enough attention to the premise behind it. I am convinced Democrats understand that if they can change the culture, they can change the country. And naturally, the political advantage goes with it.

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2 comments on “Downstream Politics, Upstream Revolution

  1. AsheDina says:

    I had a 5th grade teacher who was a serious anti Communist. She warned us when we were 10 yrs old.
    Ive always been aware.
    This teacher told us: “communism is when you are not allowed to TALK”.

    That blew me away….NO talking — EVER?

    That was a world I didnt want to live in.

    But, now its here: The censorship, banning and tossing American voices.
    Its here–the very thing I had dreaded.

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    • Bullright says:

      Amazing those fears and warnings were so true. Except they are here and among us.Maybe I hadn’t expected quite this reception for them. I remember being taught commies are not a good thing.. But that censorship is real, no theory about it.



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