America Is Back: prelude

On this historic day, Dear Leader President Biden announced overseas that “America is back.”

To mark this change, he officially ordered all calendars turned back to the years of the Obama regime.

So the beloved golden doctrine “don’t do stupid shit” is back in full force.

Also, by popular request, “lead from behind” has been officially revived.

Negotiation without getting anything of value in return shall resume.

And to symbolize international support, Dear Leader Biden was surrounded by colleagues in Europe, who ratified his Build Backwards Better agenda.

That is all….Build Backwards — for better or worse, for richer or poorer —  is now declared the fiat rule of the land.


Note: on this news the misery index jumped a whopping 5 points.

Right Ring | Bullright | © 2021

This entry was posted in satire.


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