What do we see from Joe Biden’s big overseas adventure?

In all the glamour of the prebate coverage of the Summit between Biden and Putin, what is it we expect ? We know one thing that Joe is a dumbass. And beyond that I expect Putin to come out ahead, whether on rhetoric after or on material gain. I think it is a given.

Or if you were Vladimir what is not to like? Biden has already given him numerous gains from the beginning (or Start)? Not that Putin even cares. We don’t even have to go back to the Obama years. In fact, on any of Joe’s foreign policy disasters, what do we get? What have we ever gotten from old Joe? Goose egg.

Then what do we get, once again?

If you thought Biden was bad on domestic policy, we learned how bad he is on foreign policy. But domestically he gets the booby prize, which makes his foreign policy worse.

He’s even an ass with no class. All he seems to care about is some mythical coalition, which in reality is a glorified fan club that means nothing — much like his fan base at home.

Well, I know a little bit about how Russia and Putin operate. Now I know how Biden operates. Unfortunately, the whole world now knows how Biden operates, too. Our expectations were met; he is a disaster. All Putin had to do was show up.

Remember, the meeting was Joe’s idea!  Screwing the US was job one. But then when you have lost Garry Kasparov, you know you lost any real debate about it. A waste of jet fuel.

And “everybody’s a winner”…..except US.

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