Confession Of A Conservative

The problem coming to light is that for years conservatives went on talking about the Left, in a dialogue way, condemning them. But finding out the Left is even worse than you gave them credit for might be a tough pill to swallow. Indeed, some people may feel like confessing they were not hard enough on Democrats, the Left, or progressive cabal.

Not to totally blame naïve conservatives for this misidentification, the Left was also more cagey and closeted about their real ideology. But suddenly it is all out in the open and so are they. Loud and proud Marxists, if not full-blown communists. It is sickening and should leave many confessing.

No, it is not a segment of the left you must reduce to the least common denominator. The infected is not just “the problem.” It is the whole shebang that has a Marxist bent. Yeah, some of them might not know it but that is another problem, on them.

So the conservative is now tasked to admit that they were off a little on the diagnosis. We’ve even been too kind. We underestimated how carefully the quilt was woven into the culture and society — and not by mistake. Some thought we were going a little hard on Leftists calling them socialists, or overusing the socialist term..

But there was a time when the Left would also take issue with the socialist term. They even claimed the starry-eyed socialist ideal was dead. No, it was secretly hibernating for the time and moment to unveil its bad self. They were the sleeper cells perpetually waiting out their moment.

What do you know, they finally found the moment? Here they are; but without much of a defense for their nefarious ideology. It just is. And it is up to us to deal with it accordingly. However, no more underestimation.

Many conservatives previously thought it was only a partisan debate. I myself accused many of their misguided strategies. Though now I think strategy was the wrong term. All those “strategies” were only tactics of this toxic Marxist stew.

Ever wonder why Democrats are so unwilling to condemn the acts of fellow radicals? It is because they know the source, and to condemn them is to condemn the radical Marxism behind it. After all, this ideology is now the Party’s as well. So it is all interconnected.

Right Ring | Bullright | © 2021


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