My Apologies

Well, it didn’t take me long after that last post to see the egregious error I made. No, it was not intentional but it doesn’t matter. It does happen.

I mean I said stupidity. Certainly these wacko, rabid, radicals are not stupid. I didn’t really mean that. In fact they are very slimy and smart. They have been doing it long enough. Sinister liars, communists etc are intelligent.

And I didn’t mean to say their excuse is they are stupid. So my apologies for being wrong at least in implication. Of course we could say the stuff they do is stupid or that is the end result, in our perception of it. Even that is really an error. It is malicious, even evil.

They intend to inflict the harm they do. It is part of the plan: managed decline, destruction.

Sorry for selling it all as stupidity. That doesn’t mean that the Leftist base are all scholars. They follow the Marxist line. But those who organize and at the top of this administration are not stupid. The intelligent factor makes what they do and plot all the worse.

The way that piece comes off is the left are dumb and stupid. For that I’m sorry. My misstated error was insulting. So my apologies to stupid. Sorry for the confusion.

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