Lies, Lies And More Lies

Let’s start with the biggest lie. Joe Biden ran under the pretext of normal and suddenly he is a combination of Vladimir Lenin and Fidel Castro, with an assist from Che Guevera.

For that matter, how in any reality did Joe Biden get 80 million votes? That is the lie of the century. Baghdad Bob could not have managed his campaign any better.

He thinks he has a mandate to socialize the US and create all kinds of new entitlement programs. He never said a word about that. He also never said anything about the court. But now he has a mandate for all this stuff. Lie. He writes himself new mandates daily.

Second, let’s go to the court. A [Newsweek] story came out that Alito, and Thomas are saying, with Gorsuch, that Barret and Kavanaugh are not conservative Justices. They do not defend the Constitution and have pure mush for backbone, and worried about optics.

But both of them forced us to fight for their nominations and defend their character to get them confirmed, and now this. Turns out they aren’t even Constitutionalists after all? All Democrats’ fearmongering about a conservative court is a lie. It’s a 3-3-3 court, with Roberts officiating over a full-fledged Constitutional surrender.

Scrambled brains Scranton Joe is pushing a 4 trillion dollar plan but the real number, according the CBO analysis, is it will be up to 5 ½ trillion. Shocked, he lies? Joey says spending all that money and adding to the debt will lower inflation, and help the economy..


Now Democrats are into the whopper about the Jan 6th insurrection, that it was destroying our democracy. And these people are not terrorists. That’s two lies.

On the other hand, we had actual terrorists last year riot and destroy city after city causing about 2 billion in damage. But no one should be arrested or held accountable for all that. They said they are not prosecuting the BLM and Antifa rioters.

The Democrats are rolling the voters and American people. According to a new Rasmussen poll, over two thirds of the voters want Congress to investigate the 2020 riots. But that doesn’t interest Democrats at all.

Oh, then there is Merrick Garland, who was sold as an honest, by the law guy with integrity and above reproach.. He’s nothing of the sort. Another partisan hack fully politicizing the DOJ. We dodged a bullet keeping him off the Supreme Court.

Another whopper: the Democrats claimed the Republicans were the ones who wanted to defund the police since last year. The people are going to believe that one. Remember Joe said “absolutely” on defunding police.


Then they tried to tell us the border was closed. It was all under control. Nothing to worry about. Over 1 million invaders later, they can’t even say it is a crisis because that incriminates them. They are panicking for solutions but the irreversible damage is done. Now they claim they made great progress on the border — redefining progress and reality.

AOC called the crime wave just a bunch of hysteria. Democrats jumped onboard that lie by telling us that, in fact, there was no surge and crime was going down. Lori Lightfoot said crime has gone down in Chicago.

Not to leave out their top tier lie they keep on repeating on a loop: the greatest domestic threat in America is white supremacy. How long do you think they plan on keeping that whopper going? Okay, so everyone knows it’s a big lie but they keep repeating it.

Oh, you know how they are not teaching Critical Race Theory in schools? Well, they fight awfully hard to keep something in that supposedly wasn’t in there. But they said it was only a subject in colleges and universities. Yet now leftists are going to the mat to make sure it is the keystone in all schools. That one should be worth a dozen or so sub-lies.

Actually, everything Biden and Democrats are doing is a lie. They had no mandate for any of it. They had no referendum to change our economic system, or justice system. They had no mandate to increase the debt the way they are. The only thing they are doing is spending money. And there’s no mandate for one-party rule.

Remember when Joe said you cannot do everything by executive order? Well, here is Biden doing everything by executive order. The Congress vetted the Keystone XL Pipeline. It was a long process but fully approved. Joe just yanked it and stopped it with no authority. Executive order fiat on the first day.

Congress passes a COVID Rescue plan. Joey takes money from that to subsidize the illegal invasion on the border. Unilateral Joe is batting a 1000. If you love lies you’ll love Biden.


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