Bad News Cycle: feed and repeat

I don’t think anyone wants to be a bad news Johnny but since Trump left office there seems to be a shortage of any good news to talk about. That doesn’t help national morale.

Take for instance this attack on the Kabul Airport. For years into the future, provided US remains in tact, there will still be articles and discussion about what took place there.

But central facts of it will never change. They are that it was under Joe Biden, and due to a forced withdrawal, which set the sequence of events in motion. It is undeniable now and it will be then. We will always know it could have been prevented and that the damage could have been limited, at the least. We will all know it. It did not have to be this way.

No doubt, too, that it will affect our future policies and plans, especially regarding that part of the world. The event will live on in our minds the way Benghazi and others have.

Joe Biden was right about one thing, Americans don’t forget.

And the families that will be forever affected will be changed along with our history. The only hope is that lessons were learned by it, as hard and destructive as those are.

Yet in the present, even before all the analysis or spin is carried out, there needs to be an immediate accounting for what happened. It cannot escape into the shadows like those who carried out the attack. Just the way Benghazi moved into old news.

The man and creature that is Joe Biden left a determinative stain on our country, in many ways, from his very first months in office. Allowing him to continue can only increase the tragedy. But I expect he will stumble on in defiance to all the damage he is causing.

Ironically, Biden always said every new president is tested by our enemies. Though the real testing here is to America. Can she limit the amount of damage this president and his henchmen can inflict on her? Can brighter days be salvaged from this wreck of toxic leadership? Can she survive the failures of accountability?

What a difference a year makes. Exactly a year ago I was hearing from liberals I know that we have to get this “leadership” thing straightened out. And I heard it over and over again, almost exactly. (as if that was the poll-tested talking point for the year. It was the issue.)

A year later we look at what they meant by leadership and it is criminal. But I think it is important to remember that was the sound bite du jour. This is the leadership they meant.

The picture of Biden shuffling off from one cascading crisis to the next is the scariest one imaginable, as our country is being tested to its core — if it can survive the continual onslaught. One year ago they lectured us on leadership. It sickens me.

The other day Biden told us that his government had planned for every contingency. So what we are witnessing is the result of a plan? I thought it was chaos and failed leadership but he assures us this, in fact, is the plan.

He told us it was always going to be chaotic. So this was part of the plan, this was factored in? It is acceptable to be attacked? What is worse, what the man says or what we see with our own eyes? And if this is their best planning, then I’m not sure I want to see anymore of it. Yes, this is their idea of superior leadership. This is it!

If you take them at their own words, it becomes even worse than it looks.

They tell us all these factors were inevitable. Yet they did not do anything to prevent them in their master planning? They tell us they foresaw this but there wasn’t anything they could do about it. It was inevitable. It was always going to be this way. So we were always going to have 13 fatalities and hundreds of critically injured in this grand planning of theirs? But they tell us they planned for every contingency, including this.

Was Joe Biden’s Oval Office occupancy inevitable? I don’t think so.

Then they have the audacity to tell you what a huge, historical success it all is. If this is what success looks like, I don’t want to see their idea of failure. But if you remember, they painted all the successes under Trump, in the last few years, as failure. Then they promised real leadership. This is their idea of great leadership: scuffling from one crisis to the next, causing another one ahead of the last one. And extorting them one by one. So that is leadership? Destruction follows it all, which is their leadership.

Joe Biden creates a crisis and then calls it a great success. Sorry, the brochure did not look anything like this. It is all a lie. And now he claims to be leaning on intelligence that he has ignored for 2 months. He made decisions, ignoring intelligence, then said those were the recommendations from his military commanders.

What a sham of a fictional leader in desperate denial.

He tells us he accepts responsibility, that the buck stops with him, and then blames everyone else — while we haven’t seen any accountability for the 8 years he was in charge before. Superior experience? It all defies any definition of true leadership. The lie goes on.

Right Ring | Bullright | © 2021


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