Repeal, Rewrite History

Friends, Romans and fellow racists (apparently the latter is quite a large audience): this outrage of the day comes from Virginia. Sponsored by Moon Pie Enterprises.( fictional co)

Today they removed a statue of Robert E Lee in Richmond. Governor Blackface (aka Ralph Northam) commented, quite proudly, that they are finally ending this brutal 402-year history. (Not quite an exact quote)

What history is he talking about? The one they are rewriting? Are they repealing the civil war, too? And what 402 years? (Hmmm 1619) I think we know what he is talking about, which only twisted minds could concoct – but it’s the audience he is speaking to.

Now that it is done, with all the ceremonial trappings, they have somehow saved America for the future from the past. But who will save us from them? And when?

Right Ring | Bullright | © 2021

5 comments on “Repeal, Rewrite History

  1. the unit says:

    And his statue was cut in half.
    Maybe the Gov. was elected 402 yrs. ago, 282 yrs. before Biden was starting in the Senate (120 yrs. ago).

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    • Bullright says:

      Yeah, there is always that chance. LOL But replace bisected statue with a time capsule? If that is not the most ridiculously ironic thing I ever heard. Just look at some of the items. Geesh.


    • Bullright says:

      BTW: I would not expect future generations to be inspired but ashamed of what we did there.


  2. Bullright says:

    Okay Robert E Lee, you have been officially de-platformed and replaced by a time capsule. So take that, General. And btw: our woke Generals in the military today have moved on…shall we say?

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