California Dreaming

I am not a California resident and don’t play one on the Internet, but who would like to see the arrogant Gavin Newsom tossed out on his elitist ass? Maybe a whole lot of people

But it is like fools gold to me because I don’t think he gets evicted. What a pity. How do you go through the recall process and, in the end, not throw the bum out after all that?

So I expect no miracles and only fear that after not being tossed it actually only makes him stronger. Knock yourselves out people, I wish them all the luck in the world. Enjoy it while you can. But realists don’t see it happening.

It is September, after all, when California dreaming was always a popular pastime in many parts of the country. But even that notion has been ruined.

The real perception of it all is that California itself just can’t get there. It does not take a lot of predicting. Catching a big wave is a ruse. It gives people something to talk about.

Newsom is running against himself and his own record. Instead, he acts like he is running against Trump. Don’t take it so personally, Gavin, they don’t want to recall you, only your failed legacy. But we will soon see who is a bigger failure than Newsom.

Fair elections is also something we used to idealize about. Silly kids.

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