Biden’s Govern-Mental Freak Show

Welcome to Joe Biden’s economic freak show. People are resigning and getting fired everywhere except in the Biden administration. Hey, Let’s Go Brandon!

We know Joe is no supply-sider, but he isn’t too great on supply lines either.
He doesn’t understand supply but he makes a lot of demands.

Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden seem like brothers from separate mothers.
But Jimmy got the brains, Joe got the fraud part.

Carter told us to turn down our thermostats.
Biden says just lower your expectations, a lot.

Jimmy told us to just work longer hours.
Biden says get the vax or get the axe.

At least Jimmy had reasonably good intentions, but bad political judgments.
Biden has bad intentions and worse political judgment.

Carter was an author. Biden plagiarizes a Marxist.

Carter was a modest guy with a nut farm. Grifter Biden sells out the country to maintain a wealthy status quo. No habitat for humanity in Joe’s future. Biden is just a nutcase.

So much for Carter comparisons.

We call it malaise 2.0, but Joe Biden calls it just “high class problems.”

People want the American dream, Joe wants them to go dumpster diving.

People want to keep their earned income and independence, Joe wants people to pay their fair share to his special interest buddies.

Joe says 5.5 Trillion will not cost a dime – Zero. It will cost your grandchildren everything.


I think I hear the founders crying from the grave:
“So we pledged our lives, fortunes and sacred honor for this?”
But Joe also told us he would not use the DOJ to go after his political enemies. AG Garland  is exploring what they can do to parents that protest CRT at school board meetings.

Merrick Garland labeled patriots domestic terrorists. Joe said Antifa was only an idea not an organization of terrorist thugs with a penchant for riots.

Biden says the Justice Department should prosecute those who defy subpoenas. Eric Holder was held in contempt under Obama for not providing info to Congress. Goose egg.

And how many times did Biden tell us the buck stops with him, that he alone takes responsibility? But we really need to go blame all his enemies first.

Biden said he wouldn’t bug out of Afghanistan until every American is out.

Joe said all his advisers agreed with his pullout decision.

Biden said he proved our “over the horizon capabilities” by killing 10 innocent civilians. (guess that is what he meant about getting innocent  people out of Afghanistan)

Joe called the Afghan exit a success. Then said all our allies applauded his actions. Right!

Right Ring | Bullright | © 2021


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