Us And Them

Neither are ordinary. There is a dynamic happening on the left. It’s basically simple.

The commie leftists have taken over the Democrat Party completely. Don’t just take my word for it. Even mainstream radical Democrats have noticed.

Tuesday’s election only put it in everyone’s face. Not that the old Democrats were much better. But the new and improved version has even less tolerance – even for its own.

Clintonista James Carville took on the wokesters. Seems like he doesn’t have much use for their tactics. I say tactics because he probably agrees more on issues than he cares to admit. So it’s probably a style difference.

I’m no defender of Carville but he has a point. He told George Takei (Star Trek actor turned resistor activist) basically that.


George Takei @GeorgeTakei:

I’m older than James Carville, but my ideas are still far fresher. Oh, and rule of thumb? Don’t play on their field by accepting their framing.

James Carville @JamesCarville

Hey @GeorgeTakei I guess you[are] saying winning elections is a stale idea BUT Losing is fresh new thinking…..
12:18 PM · Nov 5, 2021 Quote Tweet

George calls their radical ideas and tactics “fresher”. James blasts wokies for causing the loss of elections. It might leave you wondering who is right? Actually neither are.

But the real point is whose party is it anyway? So who is denial about that — James or George? It can’t be both. Looks like James is in denial. And commie progs don’t really care what he thinks, or whether he and other Democrats know it or not. Bernie, AOC and the squad seem to have this figured out, too. Carville is only fooling himself.

Tuesday’s election was another proof. They had one explanation for it no matter what happened. If Democrats won, the Left  would declare it a mandate for more. If they lost, they say the people just wanted more radical, progressive, insane ideas. And either way they are sticking to it, while the people are rejecting it from every orifice.

You might say there is some division on the left, a fracture.  But Democrats can’t say that because it is way too dangerous. That could bring the wrath down on you.

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  1. TMJ says:

    we are in a time of incredible evil

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