Long Train Coming

Sixty years ago – that’s ’61 if you’re counting – would anyone have thought that we could have an administration backed by a political party, supported by socialists and communism, go all out to declare an open border; a war on energy; try to establish a foreign economic system; undermine our military, security and sell out America?

Then do it without being coerced into it, while hailing it all an historic success?

They would have chuckled first and told you the people would not stand for that, for long. Back then they would have been right. But oh how times have changed?

They would have also thought it unworkable meaning it could be stopped or reversed. How could the American experiment go so wrong? What would cause such a calamity, a war or intervention from foreign power? Lastly, how or why could we have allowed it to happen?

Along the same lines, how could our own government get so corrupted to participate in such an agenda? How would we have so many in Congress be either corrupted or buy into such an anti-America scheme? There would be just too many questions. But could it really happen? Orwell could not have put it better. That can happen elsewhere, not here.

Now one could try using words like incompetent or misguided to describe it but those would imply it was a regrettable mistake. But we see clear intent. It all points back to the will of the people. So what if will of the people were deemed irrelevant? Is this only the next phase in the Great American experiment? How does it save itself from this?

There are a number of things happening in the world today which to the naked eye do not appear to make any sense. Marvel comics could have a field day. Satirists are outgunned by reality. Orwell was prophetic. McCarthy and Pogo were correct.

The entire landscape is fertile for opportunists and power-hungry dictators to extort. And they will take advantage wherever they can – not against our will but because of it.

But then government, and its enforcement arms, now use your personal copies of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution as prima facie evidence against you.

Right Ring | Bullright | © 2021


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