2021 Heading Into The Rear View

The first week of December 2021 opened with one of my favorites, Tammy Bruce, taking the chair on Fox News Prime Time. That’s where the party started. Leave it to Tammy to break the china and overturn the table.

In one of the best monologues ever, she drew the comparison of smash and grab looting and crime to what Democrats are doing in Washington, running a smash and grab campaign on the American people.

But this is also a perfect analogy for what is going on in the rest of the world. Smash and Grab campaigns are running wild. Tell me why China, Russia, Iran are not exactly the same as these organized thugs?

The Senate is still openly debating, or should I say digesting, the humongous 5-Trillion (CBO) Build Backwards Better plan. Joe Manchin is the longest running star of the series, with no competition in sight. I’m no Manchin fan but he has been effective at slow walking what appears an inevitable plan to socialize America. Many of us have little confidence in him following through but so far he is holding. West Virginia then is up for best supporting role in the way he is using them to defend his position.

I always hate seeing a deliberative body come down to one or two persons. In this case, it is all we have standing between us and this evil bill. Mitch McConnell doesn’t seem to be much help either. So Let’s Go Brandon and let’s go Manchin. He’s a cuss but all we have left. Except he knows it, too.

The Supreme Court took on an abortion case that threatens to unravel Roe from its twisted roots. Could it happen? Who knows if the robed ones have the gonads to do the right thing in the face of a cancel culture that has no respect for life?

In fact, it all comes down to that central theme today. Does anyone have the guts, other than common Americans, to do the right thing whatever the consequences? The jury is still out, like it is on the abortion issue. Parents are game but now are being targeted for it.

One of the liberal justices asked the Solicitor General in the abortion case why his position was based on anything but a [bigoted] religious platform? Straight for a dual attack on religion. Never mind that the left’s hatred for Christianity/religion has sidelined this country to the margins of moral decay. But they have the high ground?

Ending the year has been no better than the way it started. But Demozealots are still stuck in the first week of 2021. They haven’t been able to see anything else past January 6th and the ability to weaponize it. For them, it all boils down to one day in early January.

Pay no attention to smash and grab looting or the federal heist taking place at the Capitol. Democrats had DC under national guard for 6 months, but now they are just robbing it blind. Never let an opportunity go to waste. Crime, the border, energy, the economy or morality and schools are the last things they care about. January met Groundhog Day.


Right Ring | Bullright | © 2021


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