The Street Performer

There was an old song decades ago called Mr. Bojangles. It was the lyrics that were interesting. Whatever style it was touched the soul.

Actually these lyrics were always a little metaphoric, in my opinion. They seemed sort of melodramatic. A man who danced for a means but was entertaining to people. A street performer.

Mr. Bojangles — by Jerry Jeff Walker, 1968

I knew a man
“Bojangles” and
He’d dance for you
In worn out shoes
Silver hair
A ragged shirt
And baggy pants
The old Soft Shoe

[Refrain 1]
He jumped so high
He jumped so high
He’d lightly touch down

So Mr. Bojangles was only “a fake identity used by a jailed street performer” and was “based on a true story.” That street performer gained notoriety  in this song covered by a number of artists since 1968. Now it is a classic.

But for me, it was always more of a metaphor. Looks are deceiving and he lightly touched down, all in the right timing. As the story goes, he drank a bit spending a lot of time in a cell as a result. Yet his gig was to dance and entertain. A humble man with a little pride. A true story to boot. You can sure feel it. But I think we all know a Bojangles. Dance.

5 comments on “The Street Performer

  1. the unit says:

    There were locals who could sing that song, great.
    Also just a bowl of butter beans. lol
    I can do a comb whisle of it



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