As The Rotten Egg Goes

I’ve been noticing how often everything that is supposed to happen does not and what is not supposed to happen does. It seems to be a force of nature.

On New Year’s Even the ball dropped in New York to signify the end of the year, and the beginning of a new one. It should have smashed to the ground into a million pieces. That is what should have happened.

For the second year a poll says Americans rate 2021 one of the worst years ever. I wonder if 2020 curved the scale down? Do people want to argue?  Well, of course it was one of the worst. It’s not that we needed a poll, some things you just know.

Take Joe Biden, for example, you just know he is one of the worst presidents ever before his first year in office ends.  You know he could do little for America since he obviously doesn’t care about the country. Over the weekend Joe showed us what he cares about, his new German Shepard pup named Commander. So they showed Joe and Jill frolicking around with their new photogenic pup on the beach.

But what Americans really care about are the furthermost things from Biden’s mind. He couldn’t care less about inflation or the hundreds of thousands of illegals pouring across his open border. He’s been facilitating drug cartels and smugglers bringing people and drugs across the border. So what, not that he cares. You cannot force someone to care.

Nor does he give a shit that inflation is spiking through the roof. But they will blame it on the “big greedy meat” industry or big oil running up the prices, or an elite problem.. It doesn’t matter whether Joe believes his own explanations. He doesn’t care anyway.

So we saw the end to an era where he would come out of his basement bunker like a cuckoo clock declaring he was “going to shutdown the virus” that he had a plan. His only plan really was to use it to try to get elected, then gaslight us. But did he care? Hell no.

Does Joe Biden care that once again your kids are being told that they need to go into remote learning again. Does he care? Does he care about open schools, or the unions?

Once agian, we saw that Joe declined to increase COVID tests when he was told back in October. Now where are the tests? But he is now busy trying to slow or stop the flow of therapeutics which are effective. Joe didn’t say he would shutdown Covid treatments.

Months ago he took the unprecedented step of having hospital workers fired for refusing to get vaccinated. But now he is telling us it is going to be a dark winter. Hello, it is always going to be a dark winter with Biden. He is a dark winter.

But finally, does he care about the Constitution? You know, that thing he swore to defend. He’s working hard to shred it. But he is exploring ways to shutdown Gitmo and bring our enemies to America. But ask him if he cares about our Constitutional rights? Fat chance.

In any other time, impeachment would be underway. No, it cannot happen. But then it never happened under Obama either, even when he said what he did was impeachable.

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