The Old Swamp Story

At least once a week I find myself thinking about politics 25 or 30 years ago. It is a hell of a reality check. Despite what some say that was still pretty ugly. Then you think how much worse it is today.

I know, every generation has probably complained about how nasty politics are and likely claimed it was the worst. I can safely vouch for that having witnessed a few of my elders complain about politics in the 60’s. Get you some of that. Come back for more!

Only one from that whole elder generation survives. She is indeed a treasure bordering on 100. But yes, she tells me, as if it needed confirmation, that politics and civil affairs in general are worse now than anytime in her past. That opinion is either a ‘music to your ears’ validation or a blanket condemnation proof, depending which way one sees it.

Maybe a lot of people also catch themselves comparing current events or issues. We are a competitive society and we like to know the score; we want to know how we are doing? Is it good or is it bad? (not much between the two)

But at this stage, it is hard to find anyone saying we are still doing good overall. Even the scoreboards have to be fact-checked today, too. Fortunately, I don’t have to try to defend any rosy claims about the present.

So here we are in Swampville where one thinks the swamp in DC is bad enough. How long did it take to establish that name? But a better analogy would be: as bad as the swamp is, beneath it are 3 layers of quicksand stacked on top of each other. (at unknown depths)

The swamp covers that base and the habitat only deals with the environment at the surface level. And, as swamp creatures do, many of them contribute to the swampy environment. So in that sense, draining it only presents a few more problems. I hate to be overly negative. But no one really contemplated what happens when you drain the swamp?

As if draining it was some complete cure. Could we sell that fix? But it isn’t. Nature is tough and so is human nature. How many Jason movies do we need to know that it only comes back in time? Hollywood is not the only source of duplication in the country.

What a noble idea it is to think about though. Then what are the maintenance levels and proper PH level necessary to cohabitate? Anyone written that report yet because I haven’t seen it? Hell, we couldn’t even get an environmental study on that today.


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