Palin And Clinton Sing From Same Hymnal

It appears that Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton are both on the same page making accusations of malice against major media.

This week Palin lost her case in court against NYT for defamation. The court claimed because there was no obvious malicious “intent” behind their lies that NYT was not liable. That is my shorthand description. So it is all in the intent, is it?

But a day later, Hillary Clinton delivered a scathing speech to NY Democrat Convention where she accused Fox news of bordering on malice in reports about her. She virtually claimed all this information was lies or political attacks against her – concocted and pushed by Fox. Get ready for her case, publicly anyway, against Fox News.

So her speech set off Hillary minions to defend her case across the Internet. All these claims about spying and her cooked up false flag operation to ignite a federal investigation were only lies. We made it all up.

Funny how no one ever asks Hillary that if these things took place, was it wrong? But she would never acknowledge what happened was wrong. She couldn’t.

Now this sets up the next scenario involving the defense of Hillary Clinton from the media. Of course they have already ignored the new Durham information. They have a need, or a vested interest, to fact-check and defend her anyway possible. (more lies)

The important question is when will they make the case for Hillary against media on defamation of her? You know its coming.

Hypocrites that they are, they’ll have no trouble blaming Fox news or right wing media for making unsubstantiated claims against her. Then the mob will yell: “Get Fox, hold them accountable.” (for telling the truth) This will get interesting as she tries to establish media defamation and malice. They will go full out accusing Fox of being responsible for defamation, while hailing a NYT victory over Palin.


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