Russia Remaking Reality

If you listen to Putin – not sure who does – we are all just living in a world according to Russia’s whims. It feels as though we are only passengers in Vladimir Putin’s reality.

Did anyone in the administration think of just telling Putin to “knock it off?” Obama swears by that method, it worked so well for him.

So in 2022, as the world rolls toward the future, Putin scrambles back to the past ignoring every reason the world exists as it does – denying all of reality. Ignoring historic realities even of his own country.

Yet no matter what he does, his major problem is he will never have legitimacy for what he is about to do. No matter what legalistic case he tries to concoct, he still has no legitimacy for his actions. But that does not stop an old school KGB guy from pretending he does. Nor from screaming to the world that he has complete justification; nor from rewriting the past to facilitate his future fantasy.

His historical revisions don’t have to make sense, they just are. He denies all the valid history and reasons for the world being in the shape it is.

But as I reread that comment about Putin, it cannot escape me the stunning similarities that mindset has to someone else. Care to guess who? Of course it is parallel to the way Hillary Clinton thinks and operates, which is why it is so hard in the US to deal with her. She refuses to accept any basis of fact and reason. She incessantly argues to the contrary. Fortunately, for us, we do not live in a country molded in her image. Or do we?

So it now appears, after his exhaustive lesson in revision,  Vladimir Putin will use his own pen to issue a decree — by his authority as dictator — to create an illusion of legitimacy for him taking Ukraine. It sounds familiar — “We came, we saw, he died,” on Qaddafi.

The playbook is the same: first, destabilize the target area, by any means, then stand up to announce the solution to fix it. And then criticize anyone who questions your motives.


Right Ring | Bullright | © 2022


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