People Lie And Democracy Dies

And now a message for our liberal friends, and I use the term loosely. What happened in Ukraine was not an act of democracy, in case you wondered. No one voted for this. It was pushed by force. I know that does not fit into your kaleidoscope glasses. It is very real.

War is not diplomacy. And radicalism is not just another hybrid form of justice.

But if you empower tyrants this is what you will get – whether they be Trudeau, Biden, Putin, Xi Jinping, or Chavez, etc. If that is who they are, in the end this is what you get in return. That is why you don’t put tyrants in positions of power, and why you take care whom you elect to positions of authority. Of course, that is when you have a choice.


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2 comments on “People Lie And Democracy Dies

  1. grayjohn says:

    Democracy (mob rule) should die. The USA is a Constitutional Republic and Democracy has no place here.



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