The SOAF Doctrine

Everyone in the world knows what MAGA means thanks to Donald Trump. But now the Democrats have developed a new doctrine of their own. It is more insidious.

Democrats don’t brag about theirs, they just support it on all issues. In layman’s terms it is Screw America first. Or if you want to translate it: Sellout America First (SOAF) doctrine.

How’s that pan out in serious issues? Here’s only one example.

Their war on energy policy is actually kneecapping America. Yeah, the new green deal and all that is true but in the meantime it is even more malicious at the core.

Joey first restricts and constrains our new oil production any way possible. They’ve already done a stunning job at that. Then he uses Putin’s war on Ukraine as a justification to deplete – not drawdown or tap into – the strategic petroleum reserve. (SPRO) 180 million barrels over 6 months, conveniently before midterms as an extra political bonus.

Of course AOC and the Loony Left let it be known, they have no interest in refilling it later. They believe it is entirely unnecessary anyway and only want to deplete it.

That mad little Russian dictator, Vlad the Bad, could not have asked for more. It’s exactly what he’s been pushing for years So two birds with one shot, Joe appeases the wild green left and Russia, along with other tyrants, at the same time.

For the militant green freaks, this could not be better. First they loved the price spike to 5 bucks a gallon. It doesn’t even matter why. They liked all Joe’s restrictive energy policies, too, making new production into a fantasy. But then you put that together with depleting our national security preserve and what do you get?

You get less and less energy, regardless if it looks like you are begging other countries to produce more, as cover. Then we will have no choice but to rely on anything else, like their energy fantasies, except for fossil fuels. That’s one way to knock fossils fuels off our demand. Then you have to do all the crazy things they want , you have no choice.

It all fits into their crazy war on energy strategy perfectly. No matter the consequences, it is all a process of force. There is no way back once you go down the road. Then tear out any options to their green deal. That is their preferred method to everything, force.

You simply will have no choice, nor an emergency relief valve for when the SHTF.

Right Ring | Bullright | © 2022

5 comments on “The SOAF Doctrine

  1. Bullright says:

    So done it is.



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