Pete Buttigieg: hold my boob.

You just knew it would happen. The never ready for prime time Pete Buttigieg had to go there on the baby formula thing. He said it really has affected him too.

Buttigieg, who is openly gay, is the father of twins after adopting the newly born babies in September. The Daily Mail regaled about how “the baby formula shortage is affecting him and his husband Chasten as they have had to ‘root around’ and talk to friends out of state to get food for their nine-month old twins.”

“Like millions of Americans we’ve had to root around find different solutions. Spend more time clicking and clicking online – even get in touch with relatives out of state. We’re okay we’ve figured it out at least for now,” Pete Buttigieg told Sirius XM.

Look we knew he was really a boob but this is taking things a little too far. Past the obvious biological problems, he suggested they’ve figured it out. Figured it out?

It’s a shortage not an internet app. And he is in the driver’s seat. (pardon the pun) Could the guy get any more dense? So did he identify with formula-challenged parents?

Pete Buttigieg says formula shortage is affecting him, too. Someone get him Bette Midler’s hotline.

But Pete is not going to miss out on popular baby formula complaints… by piling on to say: Here, hold my boob!


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