Eulogy To Roe V. Wade

Today, June 24, 2022, Roe V. Wade died after a torturous yet productive life. Roe was imagined and born in a cloakroom of the Supreme Court on January 22, 1973, by a 7-2 decision. Just as her life began there, it also ended there almost 50 years later.

She is survived by a variety of anonymous offspring who declined to comment. Her alias was ‘reproductive rights’ but often operated under the pseudonym of Healthcare. Socially ahead of the times, she identified as a law. Preferred pronouns: me, my, mine.

But for those 50 years she lived large in society, clinics, side streets in neighborhoods and the minds of the American people. She was a force to be reckoned with. Nearly every Supreme Court nominee — or federal judge — was forced to swear on the altar of Roe Wade to protect her ceremonious existence, marinated in estrogen.

She led a religious cult and following; and was nicknamed the ‘sanctity of death’ among critics. However, far from leading a healthy life, she created a toxic environment that ushered evil into every faucet of society masquerading as constitutional legitimacy.

In early life, she established many clinics and offices dedicated to her posterity in low-income and minority neighborhoods under her cousin’s name, Planned Parenthood. The two held various common interests. They were a dynamic duo of power and agendas.

Over recent years, Roe’s own health worsened though some thought her immortal. She had been privately on life support for a while. In finalizing her existence, 5 Justices decided to pull the plug. While the Chief Justice concurred, he instead preferred removing all treatment and judicial sustenance necessary, leaving her to slow yet fatal expiration.

The decision won out, Roe Wade was humanely put out of suffering to the protest of her cult following. The fallout of which is bound to be felt on streets across America.

Ironically, this did not end all the suffering and misery she caused over a 50 year reign. She helped lead a deviant legacy of debauchery across the country. Over 60 million babies were killed as a result of her half-century existence. Roe was very politically active for being terminally diseased. Her fiercest enemy was Personhood.

“Roe v. Wade caused a 4.5% decline in births in states that had not previously legalized abortion. ” – a simple byline in Wikipedia  sums up her legacy.

Despite her wild successes, she was never accepted by a large population in America. Roe was illegitimate and created under false pretenses — the very kind of social ills and illegalities she proposed to exterminate across America.

Finally, the powers that be knew the only viable option to save  Roe Wade was through a formal codification in Congress, which never came to save her demise. But that did not slow her down. Her death count rivaled the Holocaust and Stalin’s and Mao’s evil.

Sadly for her, she had no conscience — born that way. She was billed as the solution to all cultural problems. Her life estate was quite extensive. Roe held sufficient layers of control over all power and leaders in the country. Still Roe was terminally flawed from creation.

Though Roe V. Wade is now gone, the process of abortion she enshrined will live on without its flamboyant maître d’of evil, and living large in the minds of her adherents.

Unfortunately, she falsely altered the minds of most of the cult. She could do no wrong nor ever die,  even though evil was her raison d’être.

America has been grieving the Roe Wade decision, both politically and socially, for almost 50 years. May she now rest in peace because she didn’t offer any here.

Now a moment of silence for “Roe V Wade is the law of the land.

Ceremonies to be held across the land.

[*^Correction: I initially said 6-3 decision but was corrected, 5-4.]

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13 comments on “Eulogy To Roe V. Wade

  1. the unit says:

    It was 5 to four. But like fifty years ago at 7 to 2, a win is a win. Screamers can have to live with it ’til later. Mostly “three yards and a cloud of dust.”

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    • Bullright says:

      Okay, thanks, I was seeing it reported 6-3 that he did go along. Stinking Roberts, which makes me wonder again about him and the leak. At least it didn’t go to sudden death.

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      • myfoxmystere says:

        Actually, this was 6-3. There was something related to this that was 5-4.


        • Bullright says:

          I guess Roberts confused us by only going along with limitation of the original case — not the overturn part. Pretty bad when years ago he actively advocated to overturn Roe. Here was his big chance. Choked….. as Trump might say,


  2. TMJ says:

    Reblogged this on The Mad Jewess and commented:
    Bullright adds his thoughts.

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  3. myfoxmystere says:

    There is still something rotten. This is not finished yet. The RINOs struck a dirty deal with the Democrats. Those 15 turncoats who turned on the Second Amendment used ROE VS WADE as a “trading card” to compromise. Democrats are going to renege on this and try to force it back and make it a law of the land, from what some Christian Prophets have reported. We need to get ready to strike back and wipe out ROE VS WADE now. We also need to fight the battle for our guns too with this. The plan is to grab our guns first, then go after ROE VS WADE to reinstate it with further enhancements to legally overturn all state bans by force.

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    • Bullright says:

      Yes, nothing happens in a vacuum. We should fight them that way too, not in isolation.

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      • the unit says:

        Mostly pinching our noses closed over the years. 🙂
        As to the SC vote, I just get my results over the internet. So what do I ever know for sure?
        Read a story this morning about the coach and his right to pray. Story said he won, but didn’t even give the vote # result or who or whom went which way or what not. May have been on Fox, as I rarely visit the real deplorables.

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        • Bullright says:

          Actually it was important. Btw, Tucker referred to it as 6-3 tonight. I say important cause I think they may be scheming for some way to mitigate that decision, somehow. They would like to have one justice recused if they could. It kills them that that is all they need, one vote disqualified.


        • Bullright says:

          Yes, no one said what the coach vote was. It would be nice, you know, to know. Glad he won, but….


  4. TMJ says:

    I hate the “re-blogger”, BR.
    I want people to come DIRECTLY to your website.
    So, from now on, I will just link it.
    You have such ‘on target’ thoughts and really very brilliant.



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