Midterm Madness

Don’t lecture us about “democracy” when crime and inflation are surging through the roof; you’re systematically at war with energy and police; the cartels control our open borders; the economy is on life support; justice has been sabotaged and weaponized; and while you’re intentionally destroying children’s education across the country.

It’s not democracy, stupid!

When decline is democracy, America has a problem.

Abstracts are not the issue……. reality is!

So Republicans are riding a Red Wave, and Democrats will be riding a Crime Wave.

No, Joe, the “soul of the country” is what Democrats are running from, at war with, and trying to destroy. You don’t fool anyone.

Right Ring | Bullright | 2022

One comment on “Midterm Madness

  1. bocopro says:

    Red wave . . . crime wave . . . mox nix – we’re still suffering a shitstorm which won’t dissipate no matter how th ‘lekshun turns out. Nous sommes perdus, mes amis . . . chingados

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