Circle-Back Democrats

Many Democrats are running what I dub as circle-back campaigns. In the final weeks, they might make insincere gestures about crime, inflation or even the border. The DNC and Pelosi encourage them to do whatever (say whatever) they need to in order to get elected. In other words, lie their dishonest asses off.

But then if incumbent Democrats do win, they will be right back over there waving from the Pelosi-Biden caravan after midterm elections are over. Anything they said cannot be used against them because, hey, they lied! What did you expect them to do?

So they will always circle back to the Democrat cesspool in the end, when it really counts.

You cannot believe anything they say, only what they do on votes matters. And they are all onboard for inflation-causing spending, or for mismanaging the border and our energy resources. And, hey, crime is not really a problem after all.  Who cares if they destroy schools and the entire country?

But you knew just what they were all along.

Right Ring | Bullright | 2022


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