Dan Rather Weighs In On Democracy and Journalism

Here are a few lines that Dan Rather had in some of his political rantings about what a threat the right is to democracy. They did not get much attention but I have glanced over them and provided a few token ones here. You can look him up on Substack, I won’t link it.

Rather: “It will be up to us to nurture a future of opportunity where America’s most noble values can thrive anew.”

But those are the values your red allies are trying so hard to bury — Americana. Do they succeed or don’t they?

Rather:  “…but I saw a man [Trump] who stoked division, scapegoated, lied with reckless impunity, and had no regard for the norms by which our nation has functioned.”

Scared me, I thought you were talking about 46. This describes Joe perfectly.

Rather: “Will our core tenets still remain as the foundation for our governance?”

Not if Democrats have anything to say about it. Foundation? Not a chance.

“Weaponizing lies” …. Better look in the mirror or at any one of your fellow comrades, Dan. Who unsettled the times anyway? Who is extorting instability for all they can?

It is comical to see the level of projection in his words, which often are not that well thought out. He comes across as a bitter man who is lashing out at most of the country who refuses to believe as he does. He adds that any semblance of objectivity now by journalists must be extinguished. That era is over, as he says.

Rather: “To my fellow journalists, I know this is difficult. We are in uncharted waters. The old rules for covering politics no longer apply.”

That means the old rules of print and media which granted it an air of credibility should be gone, too. But when we refer to MSM as an enemy of the people/country, they balk.


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