Get Ready For Culture Critics

If your idea is to change the culture in extreme ways, then you better get ready for critics. That is only natural. But no, let’s see if we can try to eliminate voices of critics, or anyone who disagrees. Some things may be obvious but still need to be stated.

Sure I will admit it: I group subjects, nouns and verbs together with some adjectives and other words added to make sentences. Then I string sentences together to form thoughts. Then I string thoughts together to make some kind of point. I’m guilty as charged of an unforgivable offense. To some that is an objectionable act.

Critics are coming and what is needed necessary now. If their point on the Left was to change culture so drastically, of course there will be blow back. It cannot be avoided.

So the left keeps pushing this cultural cocktail on us and the natural response is going to be outrage, dissent, disgust and opposition. They know it too. That’s the purpose — or always was — to ignite cultural warfare.

Now they moved beyond the idea of warfare. They want uncontested cultural revolution, which changes society in every way. They want dissent squashed like the bug it is to them. They want no sign of opposition.

We are in uncharted water because America was never supposed to lose its cultural heritage. It’s why people always came here. If they wanted Marxism or communism, there are places to go to become communist organizers. Those places would be glad to have them. But no, they want to come here because we were the option to all that.

There is no longer room for reality, truth, good, or even justice. You don’t think it is so? Then start a truth campaign, or fight for good in society and see what happens to you. Try fighting for real equal justice and you’ll suddenly find plenty of opposition. More than you knew. That’s the proof of what we’ve become.

Try to stand up for traditional principles of good, or simple right and wrong, and you’ll find out the truth. All that must be extinguished.

But the Left says, “no we don’t want cultural critics!” Tough, then don’t try to change the entire social fabric in the country and there won’t be trouble. But you want problems, then go ahead and keep on transitioning everything. That’s how you know they are liars.

You don’t want that? Stop causing it. Want to fix the country? Then stop breaking it.

Right Ring | Bullright | 2022


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