The American Dream Has Turned Into The American Nightmare

Unfortunately, it is 2022 and the great American dream has become a dreaded American nightmare. The one you thought you’d never see. We are on the ropes between the asylum and the torture chamber. The once festive traditions that used to unite us all are either being scrubbed as disrespectful or mocked as the problem with America.

You can see proof of that everywhere you look. In place of those traditions, the Marxist Left — can we just call them all that — has erected the theology of religion into a political weapon trained against its people.

What we once prided ourselves on has become a source of disdain. The very things we loved and cherished about America are now its biggest faults. No one is talking about slavery, though what do you call it when when the state issues orders from on high that everyone has to bow to?

When individual freedom has been made into a federal offense which could get you as much time in the slammer as capital murder, we are close to the rock bottom. Still they keep digging the grave deeper to bury all our repulsive deeds or remaining traditions. And they are far from finished with us.

Oh but they have even more plans in store for us, from spending time in prison camps to reform our ways and thoughts, to enduring the work camps where government is the only boss. Reform is only a nicer way to say ‘change or suffer the consequences.’

Which will it be? Will you satisfy the demands of the state or will you endure the punishment? Compassion you ask? Oh, that is only for those violent criminals and thugs who must be spared from punitive justice. That justice has been replaced by something called diversion justice.

In fact, the whole idea of being a proud American has evolved into being public enemy number one. Right, something of pride has become an object of shame and ridicule — in their Leftist world-view anyway.

Now are we to think this is all just a coincidence, or series of them, which happened to just roll out; which only seem to be victimizing the public? I mean what are the odds? There is no way that all the dark forces just happened to line up to oppose the people and Constitutional liberty. All conveniently at the same time.

I’ve listened for years to people say  they are moving to a better community, somewhere more attractive. But the more I see, the more I realize the Leftists are destroying everyplace. But when there are no nice places left to go in America, then what?

The one trait in a pilot you would always want is someone capable of pulling out of a nosedive if the need arose. In this case, you look around for anyone able to pull back on the stick and you can’t see anyone in the right position, with the right qualities able to right it — never mind the navigation skill to also safely get where we need to go.

So do I sound pessimistic or maybe cynical? The only thing is there are a whole lot of us out there looking and watching the panicmeter, wondering where the help is going to come from. We used to believe in ourselves as Americans; but is even that enough anymore?

Right Ring | Bullright | 2022


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