Who Is Joey?

Who really is Joey Bananas anyway? It’s a fair question. This week he told a press conference in a fake Italian accent: “I may be Irish, but I’m not stupid. I married Dominic Giacoppa’s daughter so, you know, I got a little Italian in me now.”

What did he mean by that? Only his hairdresser knows.

Was he insinuating he married a girl whose family is genetically connected to the Italian mob? Does that make him a made-man by marriage? Does it mean our First Lady has connections to Italians and the mob? Is he romancing Italian mob family stereotypes?

Actually, it was Jill’s grandfather who was connected to that name, not Jill’s father. So he even has his family tree screwed up.

Of course no one can know with Joey Bananas because one day it’s his Irish ancestors and the next he’s pretending to be part Italian. How much people care about any of it seems a fair point. They don’t. So why would he drop such crude, dual stereotypes in the middle of official conversations to the public?

Joe is a walking, talking, racist bigot that apparently thinks this shtick works for him. He thinks this is significant to the minds of the public, which is even worse. That he just throws these stereotypes around as fillers in conversation shows how much he pays attention to people’s nationality or heritage.

But nowhere in his background does he have any royal ancestor or something that could designate him as the king he believes he is. He doesn’t discuss his symbiotic heritage with the Chinese though. He has plenty more in common with them than he does Italians — other than the fact that he fashions himself as some kind of a mob or union boss.

This guy is dripping with these cultural stereotypes. He always diverts to them for some reason, even at important times. Jill’s family’s last name is Jacobs but that doesn’t stop Joe from playing the Italian card. The La Cosa Nostra is alive and well, and dwelling mostly in Joey’s remaining brain cells.

It usually is a sign of insecurity when someone feels he or she must pretend to be someone they are not to other people. How freaking insecure is this jerk? Well, we haven’t heard the last of Joey Bananas’ stereotypes. That’s Joe.

Right Ring | Bullright | 2022

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    Cream is not all that floats.

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