Obvious COVID Source…. Oops Maybe

In this latest installment of The Turn Of The Worm, we find that a laboratory deep in the bowels of the US Government, at the dept of energy, admits a best plausible source of the COVID virus pandemic was a lab leak at the Wuhan Lab in China.

But even that it had to qualify as “low confidence.” Whatever that is supposed to mean, another weasel phrase — per their classified report. Confused?

So this admission takes only 3 years of a careful, organized, relentless cover up of that very fact. Now it is suddenly safe to state the obvious conclusion……. with low confidence.

Imagine a scenario where the world at large played a part in denying the simple truth about a pandemic, which killed 10’s of millions of people around the world? Where the US government played the dominant role in this denial? We don’t have to imagine. They did it. And they used  media bullhorns to echo their lies. Was it calculated, or just for kicks?

Is it even fair to anyone what they did — whether it’s a survivor or the millions who died, or to the science that espouses to hold the truth?

I’m not sure we need to know all the why, though it would be nice. Maybe on a footnote somewhere. Just that they did it speaks loudly to motive.

How many people have been duped by their own government about what happened? How many people were used as just pawns to lie to the public?

So long as no one pays a price or is held accountable for it. Just “my bad.”

This as they strut around telling us “the big lie” was Trump’s reelection bid.

Then what about all the people along the way who were penalized, threatened, punished, banned or blacklisted, and skewered in media daily for telling the truth? No empathy or sympathy for them though. I can’t think of a bigger, worse lie.


Detailed report from CBS and Catherine Heritage:

“While the report is classified, the sources told CBS News they believe it may be independent from an earlier analysis performed by the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore Labs that pointed toward a potential accidental leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”


Moral: if you don’t admit it is a lab leak, how can you hypothesize it was accidental?

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