The Bitter Arts Show And Glow

The Bitter Arts were preforming their farts
For all the world to see.
With adoration to all the popping corn,
It was received in a fest of glee.

The most deviant parts of the arts
Were adorned with all their pomp,
And those without it felt naked throughout.
Fright night on the red velvet carpet.

It doesn’t end there, as it never does.
Most memories fade but deviant arts remain,
Cloistered in their robust attire,
Dazzlingly postured for future hire.

They are unforgettable events
With the utmost in fashion scents,
Made to allure the most naive.
So hats off to the ladies and gents,
Or of whatever x-gender you choose.

You will never loose at the Bitter Arts,
It has something to tickle every fetish.
Blow past all parameters and taboos,
It promises to be a remarkable affair.

So active deviants strike your pose
Because everyone knows,
You will attract the attention
Of all who are in the know.

Sit back and watch their crimson plot
Designed just for you if you dare
Or those who think like they.

Meet them and greet them
Oh but from a distance.
You shan’t shame or defame them.

Unshamable is the new theme
To this year’s hot scene;
Take it all in as you cringe and grin.
It is for you they perform,
and perform they must.


Right Ring | Bullright | 2023


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