Role Of Education

Parents should have a role in their child’s education; not get rolled by their child’s education process. Is that controversial at all? No.

In my opinion, Trump did not use the biggest sledgehammer of 2020. One that could have made all the difference in the election. It was not really marginal or a political issue.

That issue was education or, more specifically, school choice for parents. That did not get the focus or attention it should have.  Joe Biden boasted about sleeping with teachers’ unions, and his close alliance — almost incestuous —  with unions in general.

Teacher’s unions were on the defensive. So education was there for the taking.

The huge opportunity to use school choice against Biden and Democrats was begging to be played. It was a perfect wedge issue to pry votes away from Joe: from suburbs, to women voters, to urban cities across the country. We knew it.

Trump was preoccupied, though he mentioned it as an agenda topic. But it should have been the center of attacks on the Left. Joe is completely in bed with unions and the system destroying education. Idiot Joe is totally on the wrong side. It was perfect.

Why else were Dems so worried and determined to brand parents as domestic terrorists? They knew it. But Trump let it slide through the political cracks. It was a winner.

We can’t do anything about 2020 now, but it must be front and center in the next election. Why don’t Republicans seize on great opportunities when they come?

Right Ring | Bullright | 2023


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