MSM ignores any real news to beat the Russian Bear

Holding fast to conspiracy narratives pushed by Hillary Clinton (and her campaign of trolls) on Russia meddling, misogyny, racism that cheated her out of her destined Ovalating Office. Unfortunately, she is right, that media will follow her lead every time. While she and the entrenched media establishment are baited and trolled by Russia. They would take career Russian propagandists word or version of events over Trump’s almost every time.

It’s really easy if you are in the Kremlin hell-bent on sowing discord in America. If destroying credibility in American institutions is their goal, then the Left hands them a victory flag. So even when Trump goes to Poland to make a classical academic defense of western civilization, especially then, they have a collective panic attack and cannot recover. But intensive care could not treat their disease.

Then came his next trip to France with liberal Macron, their macaroni boy of Paris they fell for head first. This time MSM decided to downplay coverage of the visit ignoring most of the ceremony, except the presser to push Russia questions. Even the centennial of WWI and France’s Bastile Day got marginal coverage. Jake Tapper called it just a photo-op for Trump. Right a 100 year anniversary is just a photo-op , world history just gets in the way. After all, that is the way they see it.

So now, once again, another historical marker pops up that media seems too preoccupied with Russian propaganda to notice — or give due diligence to. It’s like you have this Russian spy novel playing out in the background to obfuscate any real news.

US Has Produced More Oil Than Saudi Arabia For 4 Straight Years [GRAPH]

Daily Caller

Saudi Arabia has lagged the U.S. in oil production for the last four years, according to federal data compiled by University of Michigan economist Mark Perry.

Perry created a chart Saturday showing just how far behind Saudi oil production has trailed U.S. production. Rising U.S. production combined with OPEC policies drove crude oil prices down to new lows. Monday, a barrel of oil costs $46.26, while the same barrel would have sold for $109.04 in June 2014.

U.S. oil production, on the other hand, is increasing. The U.S. imported about 60 percent of its oil in 2007, but by 2014, the country only imported 27 percent of its oil — the lowest level since 1985. Rising oil production has reduced demand for Saudi oil abroad too, keeping prices low.

Saudi Arabia can likely handle cheap oil better than other Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) nations, but cheap oil is still devastating the country.

Read at Daily Caller

And yet they wonder why we call MSM Fake News? Everything positive — as they define it — about their messiah’s golden throne was heralded from the mountaintops to make sure it echoed to anyone. It was unavoidable. They ran his Saturday addresses to tout all the great, but invisible, good news. It was good because they said so. Job numbers, even when bad, were called good. Or, as the Bible says, “those who call evil good and good evil.” And it worked, or saturated the airwaves to a point no one else could be heard.

Spending, national debt, budget issues. Remember Obamafiles claimed he halved the budget ‘deficit’ to cover the 2o trillion dollar explosion. The fairy dust worked, put some lipstick on that pig and sell it like the sweety-pie lie it is. He depleted the military, and budget, but who cares about that thing? All is good, they said. ‘These are the good times.’ Never mind that you did not see or feel it. You weren’t alone though. Most didn’t, still you had to listen to regurgitated talking points of how great things were going.

No, we weren’t wrong. Our instincts were not misguided. We weren’t misinformed. We were not too stupid to understand. We were not uneducated halfwits. We were just being constantly lied to on such a level, to such a degree, that Americans never were subjected to before. Even low information voters knew something was wrong. Economists, real ones that is, were not impressed. But even they had a hard time getting any information out. It was all being blurred, blotted out, and intentionally drown out by the so-called good news coming directly from, and being dictated by, the White House.

But it was all good in those days and there were no questions to ask, because no questions were necessary. Just report the White House talking points, life was easy for reporters. Obama would even tell press what stories they think should be covered, and what stories they didn’t think deserved time.

Guess what happened?

Remember Benghazi, IRS, Lois Lerner, or Fast and Furious? Leading from behind was actually a defense strategy they could get behind. Meaningless red lines were all the rage. Russian intervention? It really is not intervention when you are inviting them into Syria and altering your national policy to their liking and getting nothing in return. Of course that is not intervention. That is failed US leadership like we never experienced before either. It was complicit failure. Now they are paranoid about intervention? They opened the door, invited them in, coalesced with them. Is it any surprise Russia wasn’t the greatest or most respectful house guests, when Obama shows no respect for our own house?

Then, to top it all off, when Obama left he had them all declare that he had a completely scandal-free administration, not even a little one. Remember that? So it was an insult on reason and intelligence. It was a fraud. Obamacare was created, built and sold on lies. They named it the Affordable Care Act.

The article above, while it is good news to be ignored under Trump, will likely be co-opted for propaganda value by Obamafiles — who are just as active outside the Office as they were in the White House. So they are quite anxiuos to take credit for anything good. It is what they do. Though our growth and oil business in particular was in spite of Obama’s war on energy, not because of it. But that doesn’t stop them from laying claim.

Anyone dishonest enough to prop up Obama’s regime for 8 years is certainly going to use any dirty trick to that end, to credit Obama with a net positive. A guy like Obama that never had to live under or feel the effect of his own policies. Calling evil good was quite popular, getting even easier with practice. It was instant revision everywhere.

So now that we have oil production growth, who do you think can find fault with our achievement? That’s right, the same people who will gladly try to lay credit to it. But the Left’s “green” team will condemn it as a negative. Oil, fossil fuels is bad juju. Which is why we knew Obama was never supportive to the industry. Yet he wants credit? In your dreams, Obama. And if America was not as innovative, like we’ve always been, this could not have happened. Certainly it was nothing Obama had a hand in.

However, we shouldn’t be afaid to admit good news, because some of it took place under Obama’s tyranny. It began and was under way before him. Like Clinton had the benefit of the tech boom. But Obama did about everything he could to step on it.

Under Trump, all good news will be summarily buried, or tortured by Obama revisionists if it refuses stay in the hole. Since the Left controls the media, that is the way it is. And whatever they can tie to Obama’s Legacy of Lies, they will. Memory Lane is not a place I’d want to live, if I were Obama

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Providence votes in disagreement

This takes a little explaining but I’ll try. The last few weeks reinforce my opinion that there just might be some method in all this madness. It’s a working theory.

Let me start by acknowledging all those loud voices against foreign involvements of any kind. Oh, it makes for some good soundbites. Generally, a lot of people agree with that evidenced by Ron Paul’s popularity. There are good points. There are also limits and extremes, though this is not about the validity of that theory.

Into that backdrop and sentiment came Obama into office. He attempted to project his success in that philosophy, as well as his overall ideology. Then came his second campaign and, besides all other problems, he made anti-war the central issue. “Osama bin Laden is Dead and GM is alive.” Biden said that was the bumper sticker for the campaign, despite reality. Obama’s inaction toward foreign wars was supposed to be his greatest achievement. And they eventually caught bin Laden, even if it was only a matter of time. He rode the victory lap long and hard on that right into the campaign.

Then came Benghazi. After years complaining that Bush took his eye off the ball, a terrorist attack happens. No sooner did it happen than he was figuratively and literally in full campaign mode when they began lying and standing truth on its head. They had already been spinning the Libya adventure, declaring it a validation of Obama’s approach and trying their organizing touch with their Muslim Brotherhood connections.

That was just the backdrop for what happened. As hard as team Obama tried to project his utopian vision, events took place to defy it. Well, they still argued that not only were they correct but things were going swimmingly smooth.(or they pointed to Bush) Regardless of the talk, one Mid-East uprising after another went awry under his studious leadership, if you followed their narrative about it all. They tried to reassure everyone things were working as planned. Biden had claimed Iraq would be their big success story.

But they were so busy running from and trying to rewrite Benghazi to notice what was happening — or to see the overall message. The people caught on but they didn’t. And they dug in even further, calling Benghazi a manufactured and made-up scandal just like they called Fast and Furious. It was standard protocol to deny any truth about it.

Here is the point. It was somewhere between the middle of his fist term and Benghazi. He painted a portrait that seemed nothing like reality, and the sales pitch for it became harder and harder. There never was an attempt to work with others — as Obama claimed he had always done. No, those lies aren’t the real point either. But what happened every time was as if divine providence proved him wrong.

As he was writing off Iraq as ‘his’ success story, it was falling apart. As he was betting on the Arab Spring, it got sprung by his Mo-Bros and radicals. Just like he’d declared success in Libya it fell apart. As he swore off action with a red line in Syria, with a warning not to use chemical weapons, what happened? Hello chemicals. He then declared it a success after Putin cut him off at the pass, and detoured it. Success was now an agreement, he claimed. He was applying the same negotiation strategy with Iran, and again prematurely calling it progress and success.

Now do you notice what happened every time, almost as if planned? The truth showed its head every time. So the message was always there, we could see it. I believe, and it is only my opinion, that the truth was saying “you cannot hide me, and I am not going away.” Despite what Obama did, it seemed truth would not be hidden from view. As stubbornly arrogant as Obama is, the truth appears as stubborn.

They start with deception: but the JV, regional ISIS begs to differ. No threats in this country, then people are caught at the border with ISIS ties ( plus those who got by). Napolitano said we had a border perception problem. Yea, a 20/20 problem. You can’t hide 60,000 illegals storming the border. Why make the statements? No shutdown of government, voila shutdown. Obamacare will save money, facts be damned. Clapper said we aren’t wittingly collecting Americans’ information. Obama said there was “ not even a smidgen of corruption” in the IRS scandal. Hello.

Obama rolled out his signature Obamacare putting so much emphasis on their success beforehand that it could not live up to it on any level. Even worse, the process to roll it out was so flawed it was laughable. Do you see a little humor in that? I know it wasn’t funny but it was like Providence was playing its hand again. The irony of truth, in spite of what they said and did. With all the ObamaCare hype, you’d think at least the problem-plagued program could roll out without creating even more disaster than it already was.

Even with help from mainstream media, they could not completely hide the truth. Benghazi blew up in their face, after they thought they had killed it. Then came the IRS scandal. Each time they defiantly ignored it. Then the sequester testified.

Obama portrays himself as patient and wise. Events don’t validate it. Almost the harder they try to project their narrative, someone is saying “not so fast…you can’t get away with all those lies.” You probably know what I think. But it would be hard to suggest Obama is going along completely undeterred. Oh, nothing has stopped him so far. No lightning bolts prevented his machinations. At the same time, the truth was not allowed to be buried. Lord knows they tried. Obama makes some pronouncement and within a day or two facts say the opposite. I have to see a little method to this madness. I almost look forward to the next pronouncement so truth can vote its conscience.

“Something in the depths of our souls…tells us that the world may be more than a mere combination of events.”-Louis Pasteur

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Adios to Holder

So finally the news that Holder is going to resign. If there was an inevitable resignation it was Holder’s, the only question was when. Most people on the right correctly assumed he would hold out as long as possible — to the benefit of Obama and himself.

eric holder photo: holder holder.jpgSo that it is finally on the table for real means a lot. He can no longer hold down the scandalous problems to the extent he would like. But now the real problem is, with his resignation, will start the complete white wash of the Obama regime.

A rally for a new Attorney General will strain Obama’s agenda before January.

With Eric Holder, Obama’s favorite son, on the way out they will believe they can cleanse all the scandals that happened under his tenure. Oh, those wheels on the bus get bigger and bigger.

That means Obama’s executive amnesty is on the way soon.

Only in August, Politico reported “Why the hell is Eric Holder still around?”
“The Survivor” by Glenn Rush

How did he do it? To start, it helps that he is one of the few administration figures to cross the threshold from employee to friend of the famously reserved president. Holder, in fact, is one of the only Cabinet members Obama routinely invites over for dinner and drinks (Education Secretary Arne Duncan, a hoops buddy from Chicago, is another) and the only one who times his summer vacation to hang out with the president on Martha’s Vineyard.

According to the piece, Obama has told his staff:

The job of attorney general is a “shit magnet” for the most intractable controversies.

What a creative visual for the Turd-in-Chief to use. Now that magnet is stuck to it.

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2014: let the show begin

I was trying to think of  some strategy for progressive demonic Dems to run on in 2014, to stop the hemorrhaging from the ObamaCare debacle. I think I have found it.

Next is to boil it down to a nice sound bite for the masses to understand. Again, I have a solution for them. They can’t run on ObamaCare, so why not go for all the marbles? Yes, there is too much going on from the progressives to appeal to a wide swath of their base.

So just run as… “the Party of Scandals“. That’s no joke. Here’s a glimpse of the introductory promotional campaign.


If you like all you’ve seen so far, you’ll really be impressed with what we can do with a majority in both houses AND the White House. If you mistakenly thought we were shamed and disappointed — and you were wrong — then eat your heart out because we are just getting started. There is so much more we have in store for you. We’ve been working hard on the plans.

If you thought politics was just a spectator sport, we have a surprise for every one of you in ways you never before envisioned being personally touched. The Repubs had to manufacture all these scandals to try to bring us down. Guess what, we’re back! Those phony scandals were nothing… a mere pittance compared to what we can really do.

Remember we have to pass the bill before we can find out what’s in it? Well, we’ve been scheming up some legislative add-ons to all those previous laws that will knock your socks off. Plus we’ll put new meaning to “fiat law”.  Then there’s  Executive Orders. We own the White House at least for a couple  more years. All that will only be the opening salvo on the Republic for 2016 — which is phase 2.

So if you were tongue-tied by our delivery so far, you are going to be in shock and awe. Sure, we are going to run on ObamaCare as well as every other problem. We are equal opportunity offenders and we can shove  much more than ObamaCare down your throats. Think about all that when you go to the voting booth next year. We are putting our foot to the floor on a whole bunch of new scandals for you. We will have you in suspense. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and IRS were just the appetizers. We  know this is what most Americans really want and we are the Party that can deliver.

Even as we speak we have new IRS rules planned. We have new EPA regs rolling out. In education and every other bureaucracy and agency, we have some real surprises in the works. Much of it is just too good to detail now. That is without even mentioning our spending plans.  Send us your money and get on board with your support. You will want to be a part of this assault historical election process. It will  take some of the attention off ObamaCare and unaffordable, non-healthcare – big time.

I think that provides plenty of ideas. But, now that I think of it, this would probably guarantee their success.

The temporary insantity defense

When there is no other defense a person can always plead temporary insanity.

This kind of reminds me of our illustrious Congress, Senators, and Obama. They really have no excuse left. Why not just use “temporary insanity”? At least at that point they would have to prove their insanity, which should be easy for them. And the people would have to prove they are rational and sane to stand defense, equally difficult. Sanity would be hard to prove, just based on their actions in the last couple years. And actually, I’m thinking this might be the only logical explanation for the problems.

I’m not saying they have no coherent evil intent behind what they do, its just this could be a good defense for them. They pretend they aren’t aware of what they’re doing.

They do things and then no one remembers or knows anything about it. Remember Fast and Furious? Temporary insanity, it really is that simple. It could explain a lot of their actions, which they so far have not been able to explain or justify.


In criminal trials, the insanity defense is where the defendant claims they are not responsible for their actions due to mental health problems (psychiatric illness or mental handicap). Exemption of the insane from full criminal punishment dates back to at least the Code of Hammurabi. There are different definitions of legal insanity, such as the M’Naghten Rules, the Durham Rule, the American Legal Institute definition, and various miscellaneous provisions (e.g., relating to lack of mens rea).

In the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States, use of the defense is rare; however, since the Criminal Procedure (Insanity and Unfitness to Plead) Act 1991, insanity pleas have steadily increased in the UK. Mitigating factors, including things not eligible for the insanity defense like intoxication (or, more frequently, diminished capacity), may lead to reduced charges or reduced sentences.


Think about it. That could explain the ObamaCare claims that it is going to save lots of money by adding millions more people to the “system”. They swore by that and even the accounting office disagrees. “It will improve healthcare.” They said you’d be able to keep your plan. Not if it vanishes into thin air, you can’t. See, now they have a good explanation: “insanity”. They really did not know what they were doing at all.

    Benghazi, blaming a video no one saw…temporary insanity – It works.

    He promised government at its best, we got big-government at its worst.

    Proposing the sequester idea, threatening to veto anything that would avoid it, then doing nothing to prevent it, and then calling it catastrophic… aka TI..

    We have to pass a bill before we can find out what is in it, aka TI.

    Saying, absolutely not; neither we nor Obama are out to take guns… aka TI.

    EPA rules and regs…IT

See how simple it is; it’s an excuse and an explanation? It solves the problem of justifying it. But look how many things it applies to. Most of their wacky ideas could be defended using that term. I don’t know why it hasn’t caught on. This could just be the next big thing in politics. And they could even use it in debates.

Remember when Obama said he called Benghazi terrorism, while at the time he was running around blaming the movie? How they vowed to nail the director of the film and showed him being dragged off to parts unknown? What else explains it? Yea, that insanity defense could really come in handy. And just in case they ever go up on treason charges, they can use it. They can work their amnesia claims right into it.

I’m not certain about this, but there is a chance other countries could have a better view of us if pols claim insanity. They can always say: “well, nuts are running it. That’s too bad!” Just the sympathy we need. It is the last best excuse they have. By the way, there are Republicans who could also plead the insanity defense.

This might also reduce some of that posturing and grandstanding we see. They could skip to the chase and avoid the stupid explanations most sane people don’t believe anyway.
You might think it sounds a little wacky but….

They seem to have tried every other defense and excuse.

Get over it, I think not

This should not be have to be said but, with leftists, it seems to be required.

The number one response of Liberals to conservatives is “get over it, Obama won.” That is a snarky command. I don’t know the hundreds of times I heard that reply toward any opposition of Obama’s agenda. It is standard, backhanded rhetoric of the left.

It’s not really defined, and I’m not sure they even know what they mean by it – like many of the vague, superficial and enigmatic things they say.

Liberals never “got over” George Bush. They set the bar pretty high there. They never “got over” Iraq, or WMD, or the 2000 election. And they were proud of it. Still, it is his sycophants’ top reply. Even Obama did not “get over” Bush. He still hasn’t.

I cannot “get over” a country who abandoned common sense and its moral conscience, ignoring their better senses when electing him either. Nor can I get over a dismissive press and media who fail to hold him accountable for his record or decisions. No, it’s not just about him winning the election.

So I will not get over Benghazigate. I cannot get over fast and furious. I can’t “get over” the secrecy and obfuscation of an inexperienced, unqualified president who has set an all time high for hypocrisy. (who substituted a campaign for a resume) I will not get over ObamaCare or the national takeover of the medical industry. I will not get over Obama’s refusal to release records; even records from the Illinois Senate where he voted “present” much of the time. I shan’t get over his ignorance and constipation on the fiscal crisis.

It is not a DUI, an indiscretion from years ago, or just a personal matter.

I won’t get over the arrogance. I will not get over the statements that “you didn’t build that”. I cannot “get over” the house of czars he built; or his Marxist appointments; or his department of injustice; or his ignoring the Constitution and treatment of allies or terrorists; or his obfuscation over fast and furious and records. I won’t get over the ‘my way or calamity’ threats, or Obama’s mantra calling another branch “hostage” takers. I will not get over the attacks on the 2nd amendment, all the lies, or the accusations and insinuations of racism whenever he’s questioned either. No.

However, in context, what “getting over it” actually means is let him do whatever he wants and defy the Constitution and the will of the people, to dictate over the country without challenge. That’s what they mean. To just say when he is questioned, “I won”. Just give him whatever he wants is his and their definition of “just get over it”. That is what “get over it” means, whatever the king wants without objection: “I won, get over it.

So, Liberals and Marxists, just “get over” that already.

Evil is as evil does

I’m in such a gloomy mood. I just have to say that any talk about expectations – such as accountability or comeuppance for Obama — now makes my stomach churn. We’ve been on this rollercoaster for a few years. I stopped believing all the hype long ago about this or that being the answer.

Every step of the way I would hear people say there is no way Obama can do that and then he gets away with it. This is why I’m convinced about the evil factor involved in all of it, because despite the opposition he managed to get his way. The right jumped from one glimmer of hope to the next.

We saw it with ObamaCare, when they rammed it through – calling it a penalty and then calling it a tax. Who cared what they called it? People said that is not the final word. The courts took it up and Roberts creatively awarded Obama Constitutionality. Then in the election. He couldn’t even run on his miserable, failed record. People said its Romney’s to lose, but he did. And on and on; from the debt ceiling to the fiscal crisis, standoff after standoff. No way Obama could get reelected. Evil cast its vote with Obama and lady luck smiled on him – or was she laughing at us?

This sinister administration blasted its way through one scandal after another, with no repercussions. Libyagate then to Benghazigate. Fast and Furious was a classic example. Did you ever see the press so willing to ignore and dismiss a story? No accountability for anything. There is no doubt in my mind the evil that is involved. You can blame Congress and Repubs for not doing more, blah, blah … but there is still a huge evil factor in it all, from one end to the other.

Now hours away from the cliff, Obama says he demands a vote (or approval) on his “plan B”, which is really no plan. It’s straight out of the absurd.

As for me, I’m calling it evil. That word is reserved for just such things.

Guns front and center… Fast and Furious, fuhgeddaboudit

Texas YNN
Obama returns to the podium in the briefing room again. But he should have issued some strict rules and guidelines. It set off a firestorm of reaction following his speech, when off topic questions invaded the press conference.

It is a little hard to swallow Obama’s passion on the issue as ‘gun-runner in chief’. He thwarted, stonewalled, and blocked inquiries into Fast and Furious using executive privilege, now his priority is gun control. This was his third speech about it — gun control. Contradiction never occurred to him, nor does hypocrisy.

Then gun control advocates were frustrated when questions after were about fiscal cliff negotiations. Reporters were even called on to justify their fiscal cliff questions in view of the presidents remarks limited to gun and violence issues. They had to explain the rationale for their questions about the looming debacle.

But when did he make a national speech or commission about violence and murders, many of them children, in Chicago? He didn’t. Oh the president is the only one that can create a task force and then say “this is not a commission”. Does it matter what you call it? He promises it will not stretch out for months and inaction, you know, like Fast and Furious.

Just because the nation is headed for a fiscal cliff in a few weeks, with stalled negotiations, does not mean anyone should be asking about that subject. Nah. Piers Morgan led a charge of gun control advocates against the ofenders. That prompted statements today from reporters to justify their questions.

Gun running to Mexico can’t even be questioned or discussed. And there is no media firestorm about it. That was only “a manufactured scandal”. Obama has no time for such nonsense. He suggests the gun control should not be political and dragged out while they made Fast and Furious partisan ordeal, dragging the Dems for how many months now? They deny public outcry about it. They politicized the Newtown massacre from day one.

But read Obama’s lips, this is no commission on guns….even if it promisses to be a commission on guns. And let’s put that partisan hack, Baretta Biden, in charge of it.

Photo credit:–talks-fiscal-cliff

Obama wins….America loses

Since the election is over, now I want to get over the silly season engulfing the political discussion. A loss for Romney is just that. It is not a loss for conservative principles.

But it is funny how the liberal-progs want to dominate the conversation. They get to decide what it means for conservatives, and they get to interpret the “win” however they want. They even offer to give Republicans pointers on how to win elections. If that isn’t a real stretch.

Let me see, a guy who had no experience whatsoever has managed to get reelected because so many people like the guy. They are so wrapped in their “hope” that they don’t care about the failures.

Never got a budget passed.

Has politicized every department of the government.

Has more secret plans and lists than Nixon could ever imagine.

ObamaCare and all its problems.

They revised the bios of former presidents by inserting himself into them.

Has had more scandal and secrecy than any recent prez, even the Clintons.

Has abandoned his job to do anything but. He’s even taking off for a trip while the country stares down a debt crisis and another recession.

And that is just the beginning of the list with four dead Americans at his hands and trying to squash the Fast and Furious investigation., and nationalized the auto industry. Yet he still can’t wait to spend more money even while we look down the barrel of a 16 trillion dollar debt in just his first term.

All that as bad as it is, he still thinks he won, without even having a plan. His stimulus purchased the necessary votes. He just pandered and made more promises to people to keep “believing” in him. Now they want to define the right. It’s not enough to win the election they want to interpret it and define conservatives however they choose..

And their talk continues. They claim it means conservatives have to do this and that. When Kerry lost to Bush they did all that bending? I recall all that navel gazing – NOT! It is ludicrous. When Gore lost, they just willingly went along with everything? This is silly season on steroids.

I expected the gloating. (anyone who boasted about killing bin Laden himself the way he did would certainly boast – he thought that sealed his reelection)

Then you have Harry Reid trying to abolish the filibuster. Remember “Fili the filibuster” — the Dems best friend under Bush. Fili has outlived its usefulness. So it seems winning the election abolished sanity.

“This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.” And it keeps getting bigger.

Follow the yellow brick road

This is just some thoughts in progress. I decided to jot down a few notes. As the campaign comes into full swing, it is tough to keep track of all the shaking, rattling and rolling of just the politics.

I’ll be darned; it is the first election in ten years that is not about the war in Iraq or the war in Afghanistan. See, one more thing the Dems prove they can spin on a dime on. Its albeit irrelevant for them. And Obama’s unConstitutional Libya action, where he acted unilaterally without Congressional approval? Well, that’s a non-starter now, to Dems anyway. They couldn’t care less about that. To his weekly private meetings on assassinations, a resounding “we don’t care” from the crickets in Democrat Party. Oops, to add a slice of drama to their careless position, they celebrate it and hail him a hero like some ‘new wave’ foreign policy guru. Even though this guy has anything but a great foreign policy resume’. Nothing could prevent their attacks on George Bush though.

And then the leaks. Rather than condemn and criticize the leaks, Obama sighed and changed the subject. Especially as they attempted to bolster his credentials. (amazing how they could do that) Dems followed suit. National security was not a problem. Only a few Dems stepped up to criticize the leaks, while trying to deny the WH involvement. Obama issued a blanket rejection that the leaks didn’t come from “his White House.” In fact, he declared it “offensive” to even raise questions that they came from the WH. And the press and Dems once again said he addressed the matter and that was that. It was supposed to be over just because he said so and the Dems wanted it that way.

Per script they said the American people didn’t care about that stuff, it was all just politics.

And there was the response to Solyndra and losing 500 million dollars of taxpayer money in a whopping failure. Oh, right, what response? Something about Bush, yea that was it.

Then there is the response to Fast and Furious. Obama eventually stepped in to declare Executive Privilege on everything pertaining to Congressional investigation of Holder’s DOJ on it. From the crowd of Dems and even press, a yawn as they hit the snooze button. They called it a manufactured scandal. Only when the Congress acted to hold Holder in contempt did they consider it newsworthy.

Finally, Democrats’ heated response was to stage a walkout of Congress, in defense of Holder, and heap a healthy round of criticism on it. But a walkout? Then came cries of racism. Holder was the victim. However, Congress was the problem, one of politics, not the facts and scandal of Fast and Furious, according to Dems. One has to remember all these consistent inconsistencies, if only to recall all the places the Dems have been.

They still talk about Valerie Plame and Scooter Libby, or anyhing pertaining to so-called Bush scandals.That deserves all the criticism they can muster.

The lid is blown off on the ATF

 Fast and Furious retaliation

Whistleblowers to Corrupt ATF Head: Don’t Threaten Us

 Katie Pavlich
News Editor, Townhall

Jul 20, 2012 08:00 AM EST

Late Wednesday evening, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley sent a letter to Acting ATF Director Todd Jones asking him to clarify the following remarks:

“… if you make poor choices, that if you don’t abide by the rules, that if you don’t respect the chain of command, if you don’t find the appropriate way to raise your concerns to your leadership, there will be consequences. …”

“Disciplinary process.”

Issa and Grassley aren’t impressed. From the letter they sent him:

If courageous whistleblowers within the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF/Agency) had not come forward to Congress, the tactics used in Operation Fast and Furious might never have come to light. By providing Congress key information about the shortcomings of Fast and Furious, these whistleblowers put their careers on the line to prevent reckless operational tactics from ever being employed again and to make sure the family of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry got the whole truth about their son’s death. On numerous occasions, we have stressed to ATF and the Department of Justice the importance of protecting whistleblower disclosures and preventing retaliation against whistleblowers.

We recently reviewed a video message you sent to ATF employees on July 9, 2012. In this message, entitled “ChangeCase #8: Choices and Consequences,” you stress to ATF employees that “if you make poor choices, that if you don’t abide by the rules, that if you don’t respect the chain of command, if you don’t find the appropriate way to raise your concerns to your leadership, there will be consequences…” The essence of whistleblowing is reporting problems outside of an employee’s chain of command when the chain of command has failed to address them. In fact, for a disclosure to be legally protected, it is often necessary for the employee to report the wrongdoing to someone other than his or her supervisor.

Your ominous message–which could be interpreted as a threat–is likely to have a major chilling effect on ATF employees exercising their rights to Contact Congress. Therefore, it needs to be clarified.

You must remind ATF employees about their right to talk to Congress and provide Congress with information free and clear of agency interference or retaliation.


ATF whistleblowers Jay Dobyns and Vince Cefalu are also hitting back against Jones’ remarks. Both Dobyns and Cefalu, agents with more than 20 years of experience in the bureau, expressed concerns about unethical behavior to their superiors and nothing was done. Cefalu founded back in 2009 in order to give ATF agents across the country an anonymous place to expose corruption within ATF without fear of retaliation. His website is where Operation Fast and Furious was first exposed. Dobyns worked undercover for two years within the Hells Angel gang, risking his life for ATF, and is now being punished by the bureau for speaking out against supervisors who ignored death threats against himself and his family.


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