Gruber confesses truth on Obamacare

Gotta love when truth goes viral

Let’s see, now we have intentional deception, what is that called again? Oh yea, lying.
We knew it, Gruber only confirms it. And Liberals all defend it.

Deception is the order of business and considered the process in Washington.

So: Yes, we had to torture the language to deceive people. Yes, we went to great lengths to be nontransparent. Don’t you people appreciate it? Face it, lack of transparency is a huge political advantage for the elite ruling class.

We’d rather have the law than any truth or transparency. Truth is the enemy. And no, we shouldn’t have to answer for it either…we got what we wanted. Now be happy about it and shut up. You are too stupid to understand.

And that was only the beginning of the law to get it off the ground.
Whatever it takes to get what they want.

July 2014 — Look at the way he lies. He’s Obamacare personified.

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Obamacare, the home edition

Some doctors wary of taking insurance exchange patients

Jayne O’Donnell, USA TODAY 10:34 a.m. EDT October 28, 2014 | USA Today

Now that many people finally have health insurance through the Affordable Care Act exchanges, some are running into a new problem: They can’t find a doctor who will take them as patients.

Because these exchange plans often have lower reimbursement rates, some doctors are limiting how many new patients they take with these policies, physician groups and other experts say.

“The exchanges have become very much like Medicaid,” says Andrew Kleinman, a plastic surgeon and president of the Medical Society of the State of New York. “Physicians who are in solo practices have to be careful to not take too many patients reimbursed at lower rates or they’re not going to be in business very long.”

More: USA Today

It’s all up to the physicians, is it? Sure, blame doctors. But if they were adding as many people as they claimed they were going to, how is this not predictable? Let’s see, more patients, same amount of doctors, reduced rates. But it was all upside, right?

Narrowing the networks. Like what doctors control the networks? Don’t we get it? Its all about limiting choice and availability to bring the cost down. The best part of this whole smokescreen is who to blame? The insurance company blames the doctors. Doctors can blame the networks for their payment rates and the fact that they can’t handle the patient load. Never mind those rate hikes, too. All this finger pointing and guess who is not on the front burner to blame?

They claimed to be adding 30 million more people, by command.I suppose next they could tell airlines they have to increase the number of passengers on planes. Voila!

The problems were predictable. Back in Hillarycare days, Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan said that “anyone who thinks [Hillarycare] can work in the real world as presently written isn’t living in it.” That seems where back to the future has brought us. Is it any wonder it is still plagued with problems? (even as many times as it has been rewritten) Ramble off.

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Nurse Ratchet, move over!

Nurse accused of killing 38 patients she found annoying

By Yoav Gonen and David K. Li | NY Post

October 13, 2014

Nurse Daniela Poggiali was arrested for allegedly killing up to 38 patients whom she found annoying.

Cops arrested a nurse in northeastern Italy in connection with the deaths of as many as 38 patients, whom she might have killed because she found them — or their relatives — annoying, officials said.

Police have the cellphone of Daniela Poggiali, 42, which included a photo she snapped a few months ago of her giving a thumbs up next to a patient who had died moments before, according to the Corriere di Bologna newspaper.

“I can assure you in that all my professional years of seeing shocking photos, there were few such as these,” prosecutor Alessandro Mancini said.

I’m sure she will have no trouble being annoyed at the justice system. 38 people? Why can all that go on without someone looking at her before? She’s the grim reaper.

Then she was slipping heavy laxatives to patients to make it harder for the next shift. It’s chilling how long someone could get away with this. All the unfortunate people to cross her path. I guess we have to wait to see the creative defense for this one.

If Kathleen knew then….

Just a quote from the article

Sebelius Says She Would Have Delayed Obamacare Rollout

President Barack Obama’s top healthcare lieutenant told Congress Wednesday morning that she would have delayed the rollout of Obamacare if she had the information she has now. — Free Beacon

Translation: If I knew what a real failure it would be, sure I would have delayed it. Like Duh, people!

Now if voters had the information they have now, then Obama would not be in the WH and ObamaCare would be an urban legend….like they said death panels were.