Cancel Student Debt?

See if I can understand how this idea works. These people believed in getting a college degree in order to get 6 or 7 figure incomes. So that’s why the rest of us need to payoff their student debt?

And was this economic theory taught in these expensive degree courses we all must pay for? I think we deserve to know that at least.

So did they get the course on gender fluidity with it or was that extra?


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The SOAF Doctrine

Everyone in the world knows what MAGA means thanks to Donald Trump. But now the Democrats have developed a new doctrine of their own. It is more insidious.

Democrats don’t brag about theirs, they just support it on all issues. In layman’s terms it is Screw America first. Or if you want to translate it: Sellout America First (SOAF) doctrine.

How’s that pan out in serious issues? Here’s only one example.

Their war on energy policy is actually kneecapping America. Yeah, the new green deal and all that is true but in the meantime it is even more malicious at the core.

Joey first restricts and constrains our new oil production any way possible. They’ve already done a stunning job at that. Then he uses Putin’s war on Ukraine as a justification to deplete – not drawdown or tap into – the strategic petroleum reserve. (SPRO) 180 million barrels over 6 months, conveniently before midterms as an extra political bonus.

Of course AOC and the Loony Left let it be known, they have no interest in refilling it later. They believe it is entirely unnecessary anyway and only want to deplete it.

That mad little Russian dictator, Vlad the Bad, could not have asked for more. It’s exactly what he’s been pushing for years So two birds with one shot, Joe appeases the wild green left and Russia, along with other tyrants, at the same time.

For the militant green freaks, this could not be better. First they loved the price spike to 5 bucks a gallon. It doesn’t even matter why. They liked all Joe’s restrictive energy policies, too, making new production into a fantasy. But then you put that together with depleting our national security preserve and what do you get?

You get less and less energy, regardless if it looks like you are begging other countries to produce more, as cover. Then we will have no choice but to rely on anything else, like their energy fantasies, except for fossil fuels. That’s one way to knock fossils fuels off our demand. Then you have to do all the crazy things they want , you have no choice.

It all fits into their crazy war on energy strategy perfectly. No matter the consequences, it is all a process of force. There is no way back once you go down the road. Then tear out any options to their green deal. That is their preferred method to everything, force.

You simply will have no choice, nor an emergency relief valve for when the SHTF.

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Putin’s Duds Of Destruction

The Telegraph – “Ukraine war: Putin’s invasion stalling because majority of ‘dud’ bombs are failing to explode”

Also a Russian General who said the “special operation” would be over quickly has been killed in Ukraine. So it is now up to 15 top Generals and Russian military commanders that were killed by Ukrainians. Well, well.

“[Gen]Rezantsev had reportedly told his men on the fourth day of their deployment that the so-called “special operation” would be over quickly. One soldier said: “Do you know what he told us? ‘It’s no secret to anyone that there are only a few hours until this special operation is over.’ And now those hours are still going.” “

Categorizing War

Sitting peacefully by the waterfront pondering what are the answers? But what are the questions? Are the ripples on the water the answers or the questions? Is the stone that made them the real problem?

That is hardly over dramatic, considering the circumstances or news feeds.
It strikes me as odd that for years we have been accused of being Russian trolls only to come face to face with real Russian propaganda. It is even worse than the fear mongers perceptions of it were. But forget past accusations, even NYT admitted denials about Biden were lies. It takes a war to uncover that bullshit.

Even a 4-year fake narrative – concocted by media and operatives here – was widely accepted by some until recently. But debunked doesn’t make it into the narrative.

Now we got a glimpse of what Russia and Putin are actually up to. It is so bad that some don’t even want to believe this reality could be true. There is a lot of denial out there – whatever the origins. Stories even surface of Russia abducting children from Ukraine.

So we have two factions, according to public consensus in media anyway. One side is anti-war and the other being the neo’s – with each side being defined by their opponents respectively.

It boils down to anti-war siding with Putin, they claim, and the other war faction opposes him. Things are not always what they appear.

One thing I despise is broad brushing large groups, just like pigeon-holing people into identity groups. Even when they don’t fit. Also some of us want to oversimplify, even when it is as complex as war. Yet some wars defy all those stereotypes.

The two sides, under their paradigm, come down to two quandaries. The anti-war side saying no war at any cost. The other neocon (neoliberal) side presumably sees no war it can refuse. Both stereotypes are a mission impossible to me.

The antiwar side must realize there can eventually be conditions which you cannot repel from a war. And the neo-side must realize that there are times when you have to resist the impulse to go to war. Those sound more authentic than their common ideological perceptions.


On the upside, it has to be an incredibly interesting time to be a psychologist or therapist today with this plethora of issues on which to blame human behavior problems or anxiety. I mean is this a rich climate or what? It is a psychological smorgasbord out there, probably no better time for psychology.

That is not to make light of mental problems. Though the war stand is a fascinating thing to the human psyche.

I saw one man talking about how he was always an ideological antiwar guy but he finally rejected that position and went to Ukraine to help. He said the antiwar stand no longer made rational sense to him, and never will again. I can understand that.

Still there is the other neocon side. They are fighting the impulses to see the reasons to jump headlong into a hot war. Because, with the dismal record over the last 20 years, they cannot now justify a pro-war position.

But one area everyone seems to agree on now, from both camps, is doing what they can do to help the victims of this unjustified invasion. Give them real aid and supply what they need to repel an invasion.

There are many who believe in negotiating at all costs to bring a solution, to be agreed on by both sides. But what if you have one party who is unwilling to agree on anything? That party, the invader, wanted war from the beginning and why they declared it.

Antiwar idealists have to come to terms that doing nothing in the face of this evil is condoning it, maybe even perpetuating it.

Then you have those idealists who say continuing aid and supplying victims only draws out the “inevitable” result. But isn’t that the same as conceding to the evil? The only benefit they point to is that it ends quicker and maybe not as many people are killed.

The bitch of all this is that we have seen all these conditions before but we looked the other way and ignored them – genocides and brutal slaughters, besides WWII. But they still happened. True we never got involved in those the way we are getting involved helping the Ukrainians. So this is a bad thing? It doesn’t follow.

Apparently much of the world knows this will not end well if we just sit back and do nothing. Again, that is not a bad thing to accept.

Sure, we have our own problems at home too. Well, you could probably always make that claim. We have severe problems. No, I don’t want to see this become only a diversion from those problems. But I don’t want those other problems to make it impossible to do what we can in this war. I guess by now you can see I am trying to be objective, even if I know one side is correct.

There is also another matter. I’ve seen lots of newsletters from Christian organizations who claim to see it one way too. They only accept the antiwar side as moral. I have problems with that. I heard it from the same folks before, no war is ever justified.

There were plenty of them around at the time of the Revolution who said just chill and stay with the King. That is best. So why is it they cannot oppose authoritarian power? How is that God’s will? But during the Revolution some sided with the King, making them opponents to settlers. They were not conscientious objectors; they actively opposed a new free country. Consequences of actions?

The details of the Ukraine invasion are bad enough on a daily basis, but the circumstances are just as bad.

For instance, a man takes his army into another country and starts making all kinds of demands. He declares the country needs to be demilitarized and denazified. He bombs and destroys large swaths of its structures killing thousands of civilians. He particularly aims at civilians, hospitals etc. He pushes millions of the residents out.

He claims the reason he is doing it is due to threats he perceives from them and his neighbors. He plots to kill the leaders of the country or run them out. He wants to install his own people. (Democracy and sovereignty be damned) He dictates the conditions on anyone giving them aid, or interfering. In effect, he acts like he owns the place without having any legitimate authority.

He claims the sovereign country has no right of self-determination at all.
Where have I heard that?


Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 — (New King James Version)

“To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:
A time to be born, And a time to die;
A time to plant, And a time to pluck what is planted;
A time to kill, And a time to heal;
A time to break down, And a time to build up;
A time to weep, And a time to laugh;
A time to mourn, And a time to dance;
A time to cast away stones, And a time to gather stones;
A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to gain, And a time to lose;
A time to keep, And a time to throw away;
A time to tear, And a time to sew;
A time to keep silence, And a time to speak;
A time to love, And a time to hate;
A time of war, And a time of peace.”

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No Greater Love Has A Man


At a certain point a man can become a prisoner to his ideas. He can also become a hostage to his ideology. Then no amount of ransom will do.

What bothers me in this war, as with many issues, is not the issue itself but the surrounding discussion, or lack of it. In the greater conversation, it reveals what is important to us as a society.

Maybe I am as fascinated by the reaction as the event itself. Either is disturbing. I could make a list of items that bother me about this war, as provocative and unjustified as it is.

For example, we value peace and Russia values war. You could not have two things more diametrically opposed. We value security and they value war of might.

Might makes right in their minds.

We value life; they affix value to the cost of killing and particularly innocent civilians. We strive to limit conflict and prefer resolution; they strive to escalate conflict to achieve their goals and deter resolution. They don’t care about the methods used to achieve their desired ends. We make moral judgments where they endorse immoral means. Morality is not a principle to them but only a tool to use against their enemy.

We value saving lives and they put value on killing lives. Maybe it is inherent in their DNA, but that is further than I want to go here.

So in the conversation or reporting on the details of this evil war, without a wider discussion much gets lost in the details. That is not to minimize the details of the war at all. They are critical to the record. However, one has to rise above that to ideals that bind people and unify them. A lack of that today is what does bother me.

You think of Churchill and others who rose to the times, but then you look at leaders today. That is what people see in Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy – regardless what you thought of him before – a man who could speak on moral grounds without fear. That in the face of a brutal war is commendable. It is real not a façade.

There is a complete lack of that by our leaders today. Since they are so used to speaking on political terms, win or lose, they lost touch with moral principle or just plain don’t care. Politics has become the only unifying ideal to them. That is what is wrong with us.

But we are still the same people at heart that we were in past times. Most of us are capable of seeing moral principle even if they don’t. We can’t dismiss it. That principle still unites, as Trump proved.

We long to hear someone like Ukraine’s president talk of moral terms about war, speaking to the justification of peace not might. It still stirs the passion of people, so all is not lost. A pity our own leaders could not take a cue from him to rise above political or ideological narrative. Churchill did it but they later tossed him out, used and discarded.

You wonder what Zelenskyy’s future will be whenever this is over, if it does end? But he will be known as one who rose to the times, not fled from them, stood firm in the face of aggression not appeased it. One who made use of his voice for a higher purpose than a self-serving political career. Now who could fault him for that? Who could fault Churchill for what he did?

Another problem evident in this whole mess is a concept. When we say no one likes war that is not entirely true as we see with Russia. Some of us wish we could abolish war. Would that we could. (enter hideous Jennifer Granholm laugh here)

Something has changed since WWII, not to exclude the wars since – even if they did not call them that. Somewhere the entire debate and problem turned into a diatribe about WWIII. We are to avoid it at all costs. It is always noble and good to avoid war, except that alone has become the overarching goal. Anything to avoid a world war or WWIII. Avoiding WWIII is not a policy.

But that translates into allowing anything under the auspices of avoiding a WWIII. And Russia is very attuned to that sentiment. Translate that to “these people will accept or endure anything rather than have WWIII.” So WWIII has become the enemy, not real circumstances. It has turned into the main problem not a solution. But WWII is what finally ended the rise of Hitler. No one wanted it, even at the time, but it became the means to end Hitler’s final solution.

I only say that because today it has become the central problem. That is not fair to the legacy of WWII or the people that fought it. A lot can be learned about the brutality of war, and we should wish to avoid it. And weigh the cost carefully. Maybe much has changed because of the nuclear deterrent. But can it not be used negatively in the same way? I think it already is, at least by Russia. They extort it.

So World War as defined has become the greatest enemy. But when World War is the chief enemy, everything else becomes acceptable and tolerable. That even allows for threats of nuclear war, as Putin is demonstrating. It is now a cudgel. Could a mushroom cloud be preferable to a World War? That is the provocative calculation they are making.

We now hear that Russia’s doctrine is escalate to deescalate. What a twist. They believe in escalating as a means, in order to to force appeasement. Put nuclear weapons into that doctrine and you have a toxic mix.

So instead of World War being a deterrent, it becomes an excuse for any type war short of that. Just as long as it isn’t, or certainly must not lead to a World War. It is hard to wrap your mind around the rationalization for war. A World War turns from ultimate solution into the high bar. That philosophy should seem scary.

I mean we have lived in a post World War world for decades. It’s like telling a cop that he must never confront a killer because we know where that might lead. Can’t be too safe, you know. And if we don’t believe in the process of charging him, it may be best to let it be.

If Washington is not going to do anything about our spending problems, then maybe we should not worry about spending. In fact, that sounds like an ideal excuse to do more spending. See the way deterrents and accountability work, or should work? Take away that deterrent and you have chaos. If you simply say that we will never have world war again, we have compromised the deterrent. If we say we would never fire a nuclear weapon under any conditions, then we lost the deterrent. When there is no justice there can be nothing but chaos.

Some may not like that system but those are the guidelines to preserving a civilized world. And some don’t like it.

Whatever the stakes, whatever it takes, we must accept anything to avoid World War 3. A new doctrine has emerged.


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Bad Vlad Rising

Okay all you Climate Change loons out there, here’s a message for you.

Is there no black hole out there powerful enough to suck “Vlad the Bad” into it? I thought science and climate change had the answers to all problems?

But the only thing the climatologist Leftists prove successful at is inflating The Bad’s ego, or appeasing him. And then using Putin as a punch line to blame all their policy failures on.

What happened to the supremacy of science?

So your god of science is powerless to save you from evil. It doesn’t seem like science can even save itself… from science.


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The Putin Price Hike

I refuse to sit this one out. I can’t “resist” it. Mama didn’t raise no fools. It’s like fried chicken, it’s just so good.

On Tuesday, Biden and Jen Psaki did what we expected after Joe made his announcement to ban Russian oil. They spun it like tops.

Psaki said it was a Putin price hike. Biden said blame Putin for the prices. Tennessee “fried chicken” propagandist, Steve Cohen went out to tell people that every time they fill their tank in sticker shock, they should think of sticking it to Putin – as if redirecting the blame will help assuage it.

In other words, people should proudly feel the pinch knowing they are getting even with Putin. Right, they’ll show him while running up the old credit card to gas up. “Take that, Puty!” (what a feel good moment it is)


So I’ll take them up on that. Okay, I will blame him:

Putin has raised the price tag of electing Joe Biden President significantly.

He raised the real cost exponentially, which will be felt by every American up and down the economic ladder. I hope they are happy.

And now we have Joe Biden blaming Vladimir Putin for one of his own biggest problems, since gas lighting us evidently did not work.

More fossil fuels not fossil fools. And more chicken, please!

**One for the tank: “70% Favor Increased U.S. Oil and Gas Production” – Rasmussen


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War On The Enemies’ Terms

When we look at Ukraine, we may see events but I see a psychological campaign. That could be narrowed down to a propaganda campaign. The West has to do much better in the propaganda arena. We cannot be failing at the essentials.

I don’t mean lies but if it is one thing you can count on, it is that Russia is lying about almost everything. Of course we have a better narrative so why don’t we use and take advantage of that? Instead we get a lot of “what we won’t do” from our leaders.

That is not the stuff to win a battle or war with. That is only defining your limitations to the enemy. On the other side, Putin makes every attempt not to be defined. He only forfeits any mystery about himself by his actions. That part is something like a political campaign. You define your political opponent early and often.

Now I am not saying it is the same as politics. However, many in this country have gotten so addicted to making everything into politics. Imagine if we broke down WWII into a political debate. It wouldn’t have helped anything. But that is what the new Left has become, a religion of politics. We have had that discussion here before.

At some point people have to realize there is something more than politics in the world. That is a dangerous view. We saw ideology was the great problem with Obama.

So Fiona Hill had an elaborate interview with Politico. Yes, she is of Trump impeachment fame but she does offer some insight other than disliking Trump now. It is a miniature historical lesson. (not a revision) It does not say Putin is a great student of history either.


Why is it that the West should suffer from a predictability crisis? The Left believes we must be predictable in every way and form,. Here is where that is the problem.

What have you if there is no war you are willing to fight, and that is your position, but your enemy sees no war it is unwilling to wage? Or in other words, there is nothing you would go to war for but your enemy will go to war for anything and everything. See what a predicament that is? It does leave self-defense but even that is determined by will.

So then everything you do is dependent on will or public perception – what people, by polls or other measure, are willing to do. Everything becomes a debate or public poll.

Russia doesn’t seem to have that problem. It has a man at the helm, be it a madman or monger, who is not weighed down by the will of the people. In fact that is irrelevant to him or his goals. We now see what happens when people don’t like what he does. So what?

So I am not arguing in favor of their system, but it is just the way it is. They are not saddled by popular perception. A similar thing works with China.


We say there is an ethical rule you cannot even talk about killing the leader of a country. Russia announces its main intention is to take out President Zelenskyy, even deploying assassins to kill him and members of government. His removal is the chief objective.

If we lay down all these lines, it is only a matter of time before the enemy challenges those lines. Then what? However, you have forfeited your element of unpredictability. You have only given your enemy a road map of what you will do, so that they can plan around your lines or use them to their advantage. What you ‘will not do’ is not a defense plan. Those are only your own limitations, not your enemy’s. They freely do anything, raising villages, bombing civilians, threaten nuclear facilities committing genocide.

As much as maybe the world has changed over the last fifty years, we have only grown more predictable. We have to stop putting ourselves into a box. And once in a while, if not frequently, we have to look at things from the enemies’ perspective.

There is a school of thought that thinks there can be an advantage to being predictable That is when your enemy does not expect your non-conventional means. Then you could throw them off with the element of surprise. Maybe but would it be better not to have strapped limitations on yourself first, like a suicide bomber?

So this is the way the debate is playing out over the no fly zones. Can’t do this, can’t do that. It is impossible.

Then we have to factor in that we have a General like Milley. We saw what he did with China and making strategic promises to them. What good is that, what did we gain?

The same people, maybe it was Milley himself, shared our intelligence assets with China about what Vlad the bad was up to. Then China shared it with Russia. This is how they conduct operations?

The other step here in this process is we must know who our friends are or who are not friends. You would think we would know that. Why act as if your enemy is your friend? What does that get you?

We have to stop playing these games, which are only like running psy-ops on ourselves. The enemy doesn’t care. They laugh incredulously at you as you bang your head.

But America is now awake to its threats, it was asleep for too long.


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The Big Green Funny Farm

As to the US energy thing with the green agenda, there is a way to look at it. Here is the analogy:

Suppose you are going on vacation, just say, or any destination you wish. You go part way down the road and decide you no longer like or want to use the car anymore. Then what?

So you abandon the car right there without having a valid alternative. The only thing you know for certain is that you now hate the car. Of course the passer-bys would be laughing at you.

At that point it doesn’t even matter where you were going, your odds of getting there have just severely decreased, if they still exist. But no, your passion about it is so deep you have to make sure the car is destroyed so it can’t be used again by anyone.


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Biden Unity Junk Bonds

Just when you think the unity of the world — crossing all political and geographical divides – looks authentically encouraging, the skunk enters the room and pisses all over the place.

On Monday Senator Schumer, from the crime-ridden NYC area, spoke on the floor of the Capitol praising the great coming-together unity, claiming it has been “much to the credit of President Biden.”

Did you ever hear such useless nonsense?

Pardon me, but what unified people was staring at the face of evil and one man who caused every bit of what we see. Along with the evil regime he runs that condoned it.

Further, it is the idea of many that this evil on the march is headed elsewhere as soon as it gets a foothold in Ukraine. That Putin’s war of hybrid evil is capable of and committing war crimes, humanitarian, environmental and ecological disasters across the region which will not stop.

Schumer can try selling that Biden credit message but it is preposterous. The only thing worse will be Biden’s State of the Union Speech in a fenced up, half-attended Capitol on Tuesday night. Never underestimate Joe’s ability to F*** that up either.

 “Biden unity junk bonds, get them while they’re hot!”

Absolutely as worthless as the man they are named after. A refugee in his own mind; surviving only on alternate reality fumes and a sycophant press.


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Shuck And Jive Tucker

I have held off for some time saying anything negative about Tucker. He does a great job on a lot of things. Yes, he is popular though that has less to do with it.

But I finally decided it was time. I watched how he dishes out criticism to everyone else. A lesson I learned over years has been a pretty good marker of ‘who is who’ is to  take note of what a critic does not criticize — not lust what he/she attacks.

And Tucker has certainly been a critic, politically and on media. So when he refrains from criticizing something, it is also important. Omission.

In this case, he has always been anti-war. I accept that…. or like who is for war? That postures many of his stands. I get it. But then in the face of a tyrant like Putin he has little to say personally about him. Is he somehow beyond criticism? What gives? Well, I don’t know his motives but I don’t like it.

I have always been an anti-Russia critic and always will. Particularly anti-Putin as well. But there are times when I gave a little credit for what he was doing as a leader in his country, verses how a leader acted in our country. But those are only his political positions. What is more important is what he does and how he uses/abuses power.

Now Putin is demonstrating for the world the evil he is capable of and willingly engaged in. No I don’t ignore that. And I won’t rationalize it or make comparisons to our government leaders. I don’t think that gets us anywhere. I can’t revert to US policy instead.

However, I don’t see the same boundaries on Tucker. If people are convicted about being anti-war, that is fine. But it does not make war go away. What Putin has done here is totally all of his doing. There is no way to blame it in any way on the US. (this is more convenient for some people)

But it sounds great in echo chambers, “look at me, I’m faulting our government or leaders for causing it.” It was caused by one man, who I prefer to think of as evil personified.

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Putin’s March Of Pain

Any doubts people may have had about the evil nature of Putin vanished into the sunset fast as the ‘war on Ukraine’ began. Not just a ruthless thug, as some called him, but he is capable of the same evils we’ve seen in history. He is now unleashed and on his way.

But what is the future of Putin and Russia, yet to be determined? So it will become a slave state for China and little more. Power will do that. Who cares how the Russian people, or Putin himself, feels that die is already cast. Russia will not operate on its own.

People thinking he has some senses yet to be awakened? Nope. What has been awakened is the evil that was always there, in plain sight. Just that some refused to see it.

One of the weapons Russians have in their arsenal is a thermal-type flamethrower. It literally lights the air on fire and then sucks the oxygen from people’s lungs. That weapon is on its way into Ukraine. God be with the people of Ukraine.

The Bible says judge them by their fruits. The real test is to ask one simple question: what great good has Russia ever done for the world? The answer is the answer. On the contrary, how much damage has it wrought on the world? (Irreparable harm)

Of course the same will be said for China one day, hopefully. Dictators and sinister regimes do not just fade away, but their fruits become obvious.

The old Russian maxim is “probe with bayonets; if you encounter mush proceed, if you encounter steel withdraw.”

This is Putin’s War — entirely of his provocation and making.

Earlier, Putin referred to people of Ukraine as neo-Nazis and drug addicts, claiming they(Ukranians) are committing genocide. (he has been quite the student of the current political rhetoric, hasn’t he?)

Then he was publicly called out by Jewish organizations representing the Holocaust. However, it is hard to attribute any rationality to Putin’s words, though loaded with symbolism. It is pure propaganda.

And like the demeaning words he uses, this is what you call people when you are preparing to slaughter them. But it is hard to have a literal response to Putin’s statements. Yet it is only a hint as to his plans. So it is he who is stopping a genocide while he commits it.

It is he who is prepared and determined to commit genocide and human atrocities. That is his plan. War crimes or war criminals have no limits, while testing ours.


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People Lie And Democracy Dies

And now a message for our liberal friends, and I use the term loosely. What happened in Ukraine was not an act of democracy, in case you wondered. No one voted for this. It was pushed by force. I know that does not fit into your kaleidoscope glasses. It is very real.

War is not diplomacy. And radicalism is not just another hybrid form of justice.

But if you empower tyrants this is what you will get – whether they be Trudeau, Biden, Putin, Xi Jinping, or Chavez, etc. If that is who they are, in the end this is what you get in return. That is why you don’t put tyrants in positions of power, and why you take care whom you elect to positions of authority. Of course, that is when you have a choice.


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The Other 9/11

I was just looking at my calendar and noticed that this September 11th will be the 10th anniversary of Benghazi. My, how time flies when the crooks are running the asylum.

Yes, it is hard to believe since for many of us Benghazi will never go away. It is a stain on the corrupt Obama-Biden administration forever. And it is a permanent blot on the remaining legacy of Hillary Rotten Clinton, for most Americans honoring history.

But actually it was never even a speed bump on her road to be president. She never treated it as a serious event. Beghazi was always dismissed by her, even though she once claimed to take full responsibility for it. She never did. Nor was that ever her intent.

Her life was to go on, rosily in elite political circles. while the events of Benghazi were to disappear like the spring snow. Justice was never an option for Benghazi or HRC.

But patriots like Charlie Daniels would almost daily repeat “Benghazi isn’t going away.” Right, we lost Charlie but it seems like Hillary got her wish. Like everything else she was involved in, Benghazi faded into Hillary’s aura as a nothing — not a blip on her radar.

Hillary, it turned out, was more interested in her future coup d’état than giving survivors of Benghazi or a dead ambassador the time of day. That’s because it was always time for the star of Hillary Clinton to shine — and everything else to take a backseat to that.

The name Benghazi was meant to be as obsolete to history as the horse-drawn carriage is to the car. Only the carriage served a purpose where Benghazi never did for Democrats or Hillary the Rotten’s legacy.

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Russia Remaking Reality

If you listen to Putin – not sure who does – we are all just living in a world according to Russia’s whims. It feels as though we are only passengers in Vladimir Putin’s reality.

Did anyone in the administration think of just telling Putin to “knock it off?” Obama swears by that method, it worked so well for him.

So in 2022, as the world rolls toward the future, Putin scrambles back to the past ignoring every reason the world exists as it does – denying all of reality. Ignoring historic realities even of his own country.

Yet no matter what he does, his major problem is he will never have legitimacy for what he is about to do. No matter what legalistic case he tries to concoct, he still has no legitimacy for his actions. But that does not stop an old school KGB guy from pretending he does. Nor from screaming to the world that he has complete justification; nor from rewriting the past to facilitate his future fantasy.

His historical revisions don’t have to make sense, they just are. He denies all the valid history and reasons for the world being in the shape it is.

But as I reread that comment about Putin, it cannot escape me the stunning similarities that mindset has to someone else. Care to guess who? Of course it is parallel to the way Hillary Clinton thinks and operates, which is why it is so hard in the US to deal with her. She refuses to accept any basis of fact and reason. She incessantly argues to the contrary. Fortunately, for us, we do not live in a country molded in her image. Or do we?

So it now appears, after his exhaustive lesson in revision,  Vladimir Putin will use his own pen to issue a decree — by his authority as dictator — to create an illusion of legitimacy for him taking Ukraine. It sounds familiar — “We came, we saw, he died,” on Qaddafi.

The playbook is the same: first, destabilize the target area, by any means, then stand up to announce the solution to fix it. And then criticize anyone who questions your motives.


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US And Them: Unordinary Times

I think the whole country has come to realize that we only living in a world of the Left’s evolving truth. (their euphemism for BS) I know they keep labeling everything truth or facts but that does not make it so.

I mean they regularly spew out this stuff and the rest of us have to just live with it until enough people finally say “enough, we don’t accept or believe this bullshit.” But by then the Left has usually moved on to its next thing, like sexuality or climate change hysteria.

So like you cannot discriminate against trans(men) athletes competing in women’s sports. When it proves out this agenda discriminates against women athletes, they get angry. Who cares about fairness, as long as you’re saving transgender athletes?

The list goes on and on, but so happens sexuality is one of their favorite whipping posts. We all see it is ridiculous on it’s face but we play along as if it were a real thing.

You can literally make something up and then accuse other people of having a bias against it. (the more outrageous the better.) Meanwhile, they have no tolerance for reality. (which Is to be destroyed or distorted)

In almost every absurd story you see today, the deeper you look the more absurdities there are in it. You could say the same for most of the Left’s political positions too.

Keep on looking at them and it will drive you crazy trying to make any rational sense of it. This is because common sense has been removed leaving a big black hole into which everything gets sucked. Trying to apply rational arguments to it is foolish. The Left looks at you like you have two heads or something.

Why should you try to apply common sense where there is none? Be it crime, open borders, Democrats’ plans, destruction of the economy, not to forget foreign policy.

So whatever you personally want to believe is okay until it crosses with their political orthodoxy. Then it must be abolished. The favorite tool to destroy opposing arguments is to claim it has been debunked — apparently a place opponents go to die.

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Palin And Clinton Sing From Same Hymnal

It appears that Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton are both on the same page making accusations of malice against major media.

This week Palin lost her case in court against NYT for defamation. The court claimed because there was no obvious malicious “intent” behind their lies that NYT was not liable. That is my shorthand description. So it is all in the intent, is it?

But a day later, Hillary Clinton delivered a scathing speech to NY Democrat Convention where she accused Fox news of bordering on malice in reports about her. She virtually claimed all this information was lies or political attacks against her – concocted and pushed by Fox. Get ready for her case, publicly anyway, against Fox News.

So her speech set off Hillary minions to defend her case across the Internet. All these claims about spying and her cooked up false flag operation to ignite a federal investigation were only lies. We made it all up.

Funny how no one ever asks Hillary that if these things took place, was it wrong? But she would never acknowledge what happened was wrong. She couldn’t.

Now this sets up the next scenario involving the defense of Hillary Clinton from the media. Of course they have already ignored the new Durham information. They have a need, or a vested interest, to fact-check and defend her anyway possible. (more lies)

The important question is when will they make the case for Hillary against media on defamation of her? You know its coming.

Hypocrites that they are, they’ll have no trouble blaming Fox news or right wing media for making unsubstantiated claims against her. Then the mob will yell: “Get Fox, hold them accountable.” (for telling the truth) This will get interesting as she tries to establish media defamation and malice. They will go full out accusing Fox of being responsible for defamation, while hailing a NYT victory over Palin.


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Biden Resurrects “Life of Julia” as Life Of Linda

One thing great about Democrats is they are forever rebooting old ideas. That brings us back to Obama’s famous “Life of Julia”.

Oh remember Jill Biden’s friend and the inflation conversation? Apparently Joe overheard her talk about the price of ground beef @ over 5.00 a pound.

Well, team Biden came up with the idea to roll out a new version of the old cartoon called Life of Linda. A brand new composite, something Biden is probably good at.

Breitbart  – Joel Pollack

Biden’s Husband-less, Father-less ‘Life of Linda’ Recalls 2012’s ‘Life of Julia’

President Joe Biden promoted his “Build Back Better” spending proposal on Thursday by releasing a slideshow that shows the life of a pregnant woman named Linda who receives government assistance without any mention of her child’s father.

(See the story on slide show at link here)

The slideshow is a throwback to the “Life of Julia” slideshow during the 2012 campaign, when then-President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden illustrated their idea of government with a hypothetical father-less, husband-less woman who made it through life thanks to government programs.

That slideshow was mocked as an example of Democrats’ refusal to consider the possibility Americans might succeed without government aid, or that women might choose to have families with men.

“Obama is setting forward a vision contrary to the American tradition of self-sufficiency–a welfare state that runs from cradle to grave. And it’s a dishonest vision, because it presents all of these benefits as “free,” never acknowledging that they are paid for through coercive taxation,” James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal argued in a at the time.

“The most shocking bit of the Obama story is that Julia apparently never marries. She simply ‘decides’ to have a baby, and Obama uses other people’s money to help her take care of it,” he added, noting that Julia was portrayed as a relatively well-off woman.

“In 1999 Lionel Tiger coined the word ‘bureaugamy’ to refer to the relationship between officially impoverished mothers of illegitimate children and the government. ‘The Life of Julia’ is an insidious attack on the institution of the family, an endorsement of bureaugamy even for middle-class women,” he concluded.



But oh, what fun it is to revisit highlights of the Obama days. Nothing like the oldies!

The Old Swamp Story

At least once a week I find myself thinking about politics 25 or 30 years ago. It is a hell of a reality check. Despite what some say that was still pretty ugly. Then you think how much worse it is today.

I know, every generation has probably complained about how nasty politics are and likely claimed it was the worst. I can safely vouch for that having witnessed a few of my elders complain about politics in the 60’s. Get you some of that. Come back for more!

Only one from that whole elder generation survives. She is indeed a treasure bordering on 100. But yes, she tells me, as if it needed confirmation, that politics and civil affairs in general are worse now than anytime in her past. That opinion is either a ‘music to your ears’ validation or a blanket condemnation proof, depending which way one sees it.

Maybe a lot of people also catch themselves comparing current events or issues. We are a competitive society and we like to know the score; we want to know how we are doing? Is it good or is it bad? (not much between the two)

But at this stage, it is hard to find anyone saying we are still doing good overall. Even the scoreboards have to be fact-checked today, too. Fortunately, I don’t have to try to defend any rosy claims about the present.

So here we are in Swampville where one thinks the swamp in DC is bad enough. How long did it take to establish that name? But a better analogy would be: as bad as the swamp is, beneath it are 3 layers of quicksand stacked on top of each other. (at unknown depths)

The swamp covers that base and the habitat only deals with the environment at the surface level. And, as swamp creatures do, many of them contribute to the swampy environment. So in that sense, draining it only presents a few more problems. I hate to be overly negative. But no one really contemplated what happens when you drain the swamp?

As if draining it was some complete cure. Could we sell that fix? But it isn’t. Nature is tough and so is human nature. How many Jason movies do we need to know that it only comes back in time? Hollywood is not the only source of duplication in the country.

What a noble idea it is to think about though. Then what are the maintenance levels and proper PH level necessary to cohabitate? Anyone written that report yet because I haven’t seen it? Hell, we couldn’t even get an environmental study on that today.


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