Ready Aim Fire


A Constructive Analogy


I use a few metaphors to make the point.– Posted 5/31/12
White House

Barack Obama won his election. Then he moved into the White House. But, just like many people surmised based on his campaign, he did not like the decor; he didn’t like drapes; he didn’t like the carpet; he didn’t like the pictures on the walls; he didn’t like the white walls; he didn’t like the layout; and he didn’t like the services it came with. A joke? Sort of.

In reality, he did like the big house and he really liked the service and amenities. However, what he didn’t like was almost everything connected to it. He didn’t like the relationship to other respected powers, the economy, the budget, defense, the use of our military, or the recently appointed justices to the high Court, our energy supply, our use of natural resources, use of federal lands, our healthcare system, Constitutional limits and process, certain laws, or the former occupants, and so on. He did not like much of what was connected to it, the job he was elected for, or conditions of the surroundings. However, he did have allies in the neighborhood who mostly agreed with him.


What happened

He set about changing whatever and wherever he could. Almost four years later do you recognize the place — the country? Do you think we are better off after this experiment (for lack of better word) or are we worse off?  Do you like the remodeled nation still under construction? Is it in keeping with what you want to see?

If you basically answered no to the above, then we should do what we can to halt this work in process.

The nation’s house

The foundation is being replaced to rest on something other than it had before. It is well on its way to a whole different place than it was. Some say they really didn’t like the old place, the floors creaked and the plumbing was slow and leaking. But what is being done is far from a few upgrades and maintenance you were told. It is something most people did not even fathom or sign on for. Yet here we are, right in the middle with dust all around us from tearing out this and tearing up that.

So you take out the blueprints to see that it looks nothing like the original plans or the rendering. It’s not the same.  It’s not what was discussed either. And that contract you signed is being rewritten every which way and all these clauses added, so you hardly even remember what was discussed and promised when they started this project. But they are busy whacking away at it, on your budget – or what’s left of your budget. What do you do?

He anticipates your concerns, though they are headstrong on doing it anyway. They’re making change orders every day, even from the flimsy promises he originally made, most of which never materialized . You are just sitting there aghast and they tell you that you need to just “believe in” him, the boss, and everything will be okay. He and his cronies start telling you about a whole bunch of new things they are going to do – though none of it to satisfy you but their own agenda. They keep reminding you how bad it was before and what condition it was in then, which was still much better than what you see right in front of you. “Your fears and worries are way overblown”, they tell you. They know what is best for you and say, “It is you that do not know what you really want or what is best for you.” They do. You don’t seem to get anywhere as much as you call and let them know what you think. You petition them about your grievances. They turn a deaf ear. They are too busy, they tell you.

Then it is time for another bank draw for construction. They tell you just let it roll and leave everything to us. We know best. Now you are livid. What little control you thought you had, the budget and the credit card, are now in their hands and they will do as they see fit. They only thing they tell you is that you really have no choice. No, I am not dragging this out. This is reality. What can you do?

Meanwhile, he is running around telling everybody else and his allies their golden project underway is too valuable to disrupt in any way. The boss doesn’t tell his allies any new details but boasts about what they’ve started. Everyone needs to stay committed and have faith in them is their reasoning. “It’s the only  way now, forward.” The boss travels around the country raising money to renew their contract, not to pay the cost of the project but only to force your hand. He talks, campaigns to others, and wines and dines off of his efforts, seemingly oblivious to your hopes or dreams. The boss’s team says, “you will just have to bend to his will if you want to get anywhere with them. It’s out of your hands now.” He enlists cooperation from others by making promises to people so they can continue what they are doing. The others seem to be getting paid off. None of which applies to the growing debt on the project. It all looks like pure insanity to you.

A few of your friends notice too, but you are marginalized to the public due to their heavy pleas and buying support from others and groups who want to push it forward, on “faith and hope”, not even knowing what it will turn out like. And most of them do not care. All the others seem to think it’s a foregone conclusion the contract will be renewed, that this disagreement is only minor red tape, and you will lose even more of your say – as if you have much at this point.

Sorry, but that is where we are right now. That’s the spot. What will you or all of us who care do? What can you do? My guess is giving up is not a real option — no doubt the only one O-Team thought they have given us. But that would be your choice.

© 2012

Firing the contractor should be a priority.

11 comments on “Ready Aim Fire

  1. clyde says:

    Not only “fire the contractor”, by any means possible,but include all those who surround him as well. r or d. Good piece.


  2. pepperhawk says:

    I’m for firing him and the entire congress who does nothing to this Liar in Chief although he is impeachable on many counts. Congress has failed to do its’ job and why are we still paying them? If only we could stop their paychecks. My plan is to vote out any incumbent on our ballot this year. They are all guilty of fraud and being complicit with the Deviant One.


  3. Davetherave says:

    Outstanding piece bull! I was in charge of an international dental retail company for over 20 years. The first 15 weren’t too bad (if you don’t include the un-Godly stress), because the owners I reported to knew the dental industry. Then came the buy out. I was now reporting to a man with a fancy college degree in business and finance. Our VP of marketing had a fancy college degree in marketing. The problem? They didn’t know shit about the dental industry and…the guy I reported to didn’t know shit about running a business…and our VP of marketing didn’t know shit about marketing. I’d lost all primary control of an company I knew how to run like the back of my hand to a bunch of idiots and they destroyed it. Sound familiar??

    Some things in life I’ve learned along the way: any idiot can make a baby, everyone has an opinion no matter how stupid it is and you don’t have to know shit about an industry to be the CEO. Obama is the CEO and he is clueless how to stimulate our economy. If my job performance had been 1/10th as bad as his, I sure in the hell would not have gotten to run the company for as long as I did. Time to bring some accountability to DC. We need a new CEO desperately. And the department heads (Senators and Rep’s) need to serve the country for a specified time and then return to their real jobs. No more life long politicians with tax funded retirement plans. They should get two terms at the most and have to be re-elected for a second term (same plan as the president). There’s not much we can do about traitors like Obama getting elected, except try to vote him out or endure him for 8 years. But at least there is a plan in place he will have to go. Nothing will ever change in DC, until the whole lot of morons are on the exact same plan. They are all corrupt as hell, milking the system and don’t give a rat’s ass about We The People.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, great comments. I had tried not to inject more of my thoughts on this, being interested in others’ thoughts. But, well, since you illustrated it so good with the CEO thing, it’s amazing how these politicos (especially Obama) will criticize any CEO they so choose and want to pick winners and losers in business all the time. When it’s term limits, they convulse.

      Remember all the talk about overpaid CEO’s and golden parachutes? What kind of parachutes are they getting on the backs of the people? And that is if they fail or not — “so what?” Now they want to ban any criticism too. The same leftists scream about the 1% or business owners and fat cats. And they do it with such personal venom. Heck, they don’t even understand the basics of the government. Plus they say the buck and blame stop at the CEO’s head, but the buck (blame) never stops in government. It runs around a perpetual circle.

      *Thanks to all other comments as well.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, I guess I was in business way too long. I still live and breathe it and pretty much look at everything with a business mindset. “The golden parachutes.” I’ve never in my life seen an over compensated group like the ones in DC that constantly under perform. I fired my share of folks during my time, but I’d put a damn revolving door in DC and tell em’ not to let it hit them in the ass. You talk about the unemployment office getting swamped at one time! I’d turn DC into a ghost town. All the rules, laws and regulations they come up with apply to everyone but them. I’m no simple minded idiot and fully realize the Repukes are just as corrupt as the Dems and they take care of one another. I bet they get a good laugh behind closed doors after they do their press conferences slamming each other. Shit; they’re all butt buddies for life like the most prestigious fraternity in the country. “The perpetual circle”…great sum up…


  4. drrik says:

    Clearly he has violated the Homeownners Association agreement (Constitution) that he swore to uphold when he moved in. He has received multiple notices that he was in violation. We have bent over backwards trying to accomodate him and most of us don’t bend that way. The Homeowners Association will vote in 2 weeks and hopefully put him on notice that he is in violation. Just wish our bylaws didn’t require 8 weeks notice for him to vacate.


  5. bullright says:

    Post script: and what did the homeowners do? They signed him on for another term of deconstrucion. Whatever happened to “consumer beware”?



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