One way street gone wrong

When I look at our federal government I see all kinds of religious similarities. (Actually more than similarities) It wants to tell us when and what we can worship.

In Art VI is states that no religious test shall be a qualifier for office. And yet the same Constitutional Republic makes its Supreme justices swear on the altar of Roe v. Wade as settled law in order to serve on the nations highest court. The absurdity of that is completely lost on the Left. It takes religion and idol worship to new highs. Meanwhile Christians are told to shut up and forced to participate in the ceremonies.

It should be a one way street, going one direction, but somewhere they have reversed that direction. The greatness of our country is rooted in our freedom. Now we are told that our freedom only flows from an all-powerful state. That Big-Government blesses our lives and providing air to breath, not the opposite. We the people are forced to bow to it, willingly or not.Citizens are no more than serfs.

Individual states and their powers are being reduced to ceremonial figureheads, subservient to Federal government. Obama has declared war on the states on many fronts, namely in ObamaCare and EPA regs, and on and on. He usurped the powers of the states as well as the legislative branch. We have an all-powerful executive sitting on the throne. He makes laws as he wills, he ignores them at will, and he dictates to the states. He carries out vengeance on those who don’t cede to his all-powerful authority. He does the same to states. He threatens those who disagree with him and his ideology. He renders us all wards of the state. We have whatever freedom he allows.

It is completely reversed from its inception. It is no longer contingent on the will of we the people, but “we the people” are dependent on Obama’s will — as he sees fit. The Left seems fine with this paradigm, as long as those in power are its own missionaries. Their applause in the SOTU to his unilateral agenda said it. All is well, they assert, while gladly being tied hand and foot to this Leviathan.

The federal government does not represent federalism any more than a third-world dictator does. It is centralized power and functions with that purpose. It wants only the illusion of states’ powers, and usurps everything else. The Bureaucracy even controls the purse strings of the states. The EPA asserts itself between the states and the Supreme Court. Arguably, some see the EPA as more powerful than states. Plus many departments wield their power similarly from Homeland security to the Dep of education to HHS, vying for control over states. It’s now the religion of tyranny.

Must be the season…

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Honey, I shrunk the Bill of Rights

In the years of Obama’s reign, we have seen the eroded Bill of Rights take one assault after another.

There was Obamacare, and now we see the Nuns being denied their freedom. There was the drone issue.(they even mocked that) There is that gun control on the back burner. There is the NSA spying ordeal. (don’t even think about right to privacy there) And this is not to mention what other branches have done, like the Kelo decision. There is hardly a freedom that escaped Obama’s axe.

On top of that is the lying. Then the systematic attacks on our military. The calling of names of anyone who takes offense to his plans. And the abuse of government power to threaten opposition and enforce whatever laws he feels like.

There’s the freedom of press, where they spied on the AP and charged Jim Rosen with espionage. Then his war on the states — abolishing the tenth amendment wholesale.

After inventing their abortion “right”as a right of privacy, they have little use for the ninth amendment. Due process is whatever they decide it should be, or not. Even the challenges over his legal, natural-born status were dismissed.

We no longer have a bill of rights, we have a list of caveats, which unlike “rights” mean whatever they want. He’s done more to challenge the BoR than anyone in US history. Your rights — i.e. life, libery, and pursuit of happiness etc. — were not so unalienable after all.

What do you expect from a guy who’s default view that government of, by, and for the people is Government of, by, and for Government? A guy who’s executive authority is limitless. Protecting against enemies, foreign and domestic, means making alliances with them. Guarding against invasion means opening the doors for it. Labels American patriots and soldiers terrorists. Screws our friends but makes friends with enemies of the US.

He believes all men are created unequal and that it is government’s job to try to equalize — however it chooses, however he defines equal. (some are more equal than others) ‘It’s the non-bill of rights, stupid !’ Welcome to Obama’s more perfect union.

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