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First, a big hat tip to Dave for forwarding this reference article to me some time back. This is as good a time as any for it. He contemplates the general election.

Ted has been running around for months saying he should be elected because he is the one that can win against Hillary. Since he has said it so often and it is his greatest talking point, then how about it? Can Ted beat Hillary? It is not a popularity contest… on popular vote.

Popular vote is one thing but it comes to the electoral college, as we know. So take a look at the Romney map of 2012, below. Now Cruz has to explain what state(s) he could win above what Romney did to get the 64 more electoral votes of the 270 needed?

The article above from Washington Post says, under the current map Democrats use, they have built in 242 votes. Hillary has to provide the balance. But the question is what more could Cruz do  than Romney did since he had 206. (Romney 2012 map–

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Or how much differently could Cruz make the map to get the 270. There is an interactive map here to build your own. Below is the tossup map example.(a good start)

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One such hypothetical for Cruz, in the article, would be Oh, Va, Fla, Co. But, as he explains, “Obama won all those states twice.” Still, it pays to see the article.

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Never forget

Benghazi 1

You knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. I’ve already seen it throughout the web and on news channels, inferences that Hillary running in 2016 should not be about Benghazi. That it will be yesterday’s news.That she’ll still handily win, regardless.

And true to Liberals’ form, they have already announced on social media that Americans either “won’t believe” Hillary had any culpability, won’t know, and just plain “won’t care”. In effect, it will be old news by then.

Well, God help us all when most Americans no longer know or care about what happened in Benghazi.

May we never forget Benghazi.
And may those responsible never sneak quietly into the night.

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