Youth take pro-life message to the street

High school students fight back against culture of death. Bold challenge at abortion clinic!

These kids are the real thing – an inspiration to all of us!
POSTED: November 10, 2014 | Mass Resistance

When it comes to standing up to the culture of death, a lot of people have given up on the youth of America. But don’t believe it!

The students at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School in Still River, MA, out-perform most adult groups. They take activism right to the streets! (See their video .)

And like all moral heroes, [Principal] Br. Thomas is hated by the Left. Earlier this year, the Boston Globe published an editorial personally attacking Br. Thomas after he wrote a letter to the editor taking an uncompromising stand supporting the Parade organizers’ right to hold their parade with real Catholic values.


They made a good video with a great message. Contrast that with the performance and message of the culture of death crowd.

Gosnell, abortion “doctor” heads to trial

There are stories out there which , even for a hard news junky, are so disturbing that it is hard to read them let alone deal with the details. This is one such story.

Thanks to Pepperhawk for bringing up this one that has largely managed to be buried. The magnitude of this evil nature; had it been related to a conservative issue, would be front page, screamed from the mountaintops, and the topic of every talking point. Apparently this story just did not command that much attention from the Left. You know why.

And Dave, in his usual political savvy, pointed out the difference in the way Leftists like Peta treat their issues, with their lack of outrage on this matter.

This is from the current report from the NYT, though the Gosnell story broke in 2011. It has been serenaded by crickets by the left ever since. Maybe they were holding their breath, through two Abortion Anniversary celebrations, hoping it would die off.

Would they give this trial the same attention they give high-profile murder stories? I doubt that. It was on A17 in the hard copy.

Mugshot of Kermit Gosnell, released 2011 — Abortionist, aka victim of “Racism”

Abortion Doctor’s Murder Trial Opens

Published: March 18, 2013

(Excerpts from NYT)

PHILADELPHIA — In opening statements in court on Monday, prosecutors charged that a doctor who operated a women’s health clinic here killed seven viable fetuses by plunging scissors into their necks and “snipping” their spinal cords and was also responsible for the death of a pregnant woman in his care.

More than two years after he was arrested and the clinic was shut down, and 14 months after a grand jury report described the charges against him, Dr. Gosnell appeared in Common Pleas Court on Monday to face a trial that could result in the death penalty if he is found guilty.

His lawyer, Jack J. McMahon, described Dr. Gosnell as dedicated to treating the poor and accused prosecutors of racism — “a prosecutorial lynching” of his client, who is black.

It’s an elitist, racist prosecution,” Mr. McMahon said. “This black man is being taken because of who he is and where he works.”

One of the prosecutors, Joanne Pescatore, an assistant district attorney, told the court that Dr. Gosnell routinely performed illegal late-term abortions, killing the seven fetuses in operations that would have caused the infants pain.

“If the baby is alive and you don’t want it to be, that doesn’t mean you have the right to take a pair of scissors and plunge it into the baby’s neck,” Ms. Pescatore told the jury during opening arguments of a trial that is expected to continue for four to six weeks.


I wanted to call special attention to this paragraph

… Mr. McMahon said his client had passed up lucrative positions in obstetrics and gynaecology so that he could provide an essential service in West Philadelphia, where he performed more than 16,000 abortions over 31 years.

More at NYT

Those words are apropos: provided an ”essential service in West Philadelphia “. It doesn’t take a brain to read that correctly. And this guy is claiming racism is driving the charges and prosecution against him.

So I guess that justifies puncturing and snipping the spinal chords of babies with scissors, and keeping souvenirs like babies’ feet in jars. I can see where racism fits here. The details that are bound to come out in this trial — aside from frequent chants of “racism” — ought to send anyone running for the toilet. And these are only the ones he is charged with in a lucrative business spanning decades.

Incidentally, any Pa state inspections were set aside under Governor Tom Ridge, because they might potentially discourage some abortions. The question raised by many people is should the state of Pa also be held responsible?

So the libs scream against “torture” by waterboarding, yet are mum on snipping spinal chords of babies even in late-term. Where’s the outrage? Unfortunate for the babies that never had “due process” or a chance to plead in court.

See a chilling report with witness testimony from the

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