Anger management is the rage

Time for some anger management. Funny how I don’t remember a time in the last 20 years when the Dems weren’t angry. And they seemed to benefit from it just fine. We get angry and out come the lectures, now even from the Republican ranks. The establishment looks prepared to attack us for our anger. South Carolina is the firewall for anger.

Those little angry lectures go back to 2000. McCain called evangelicals and the base “agents of intolerance.” Not much has changed only the mouthpieces. It’s gotten worse not better. Sure they preach bipartisan BS and turn around to call us angry haters, or just angry. Meanwhile, they are angry at us and it shows on every issue.

I don’t remember anyone lecturing Dems about their anger problem. In fact, just the opposite. I hear Democrat pols telling them they have every reason to be angry. When they get angry that’s called “fired up.” It’s one of the first things they ask the crowd at a rally, “are you fired up?” That’s dem code for got your anger on? Have you ever seen Dems protest or rally when they weren’t angry? Show me one where they are singing Kumbaya. Anger is what they do, its their specialty.

No, I guess it is only the right-wing base that is not allowed to get angry. Off to anger management we are supposed to go. It must be because we get angry with the very schemes they are trying to pull over everyone’s eyes. That’s no fun when we have a legitimate, Constitutional beef with their BS. They can’t allow that. Of course it’s a different story when the Left or RINOs get angry, then it is celebrated.

Pepp forwarded me a good Townhall column from Doug Giles That makes the case. Nikki Haley and RNC(establishment) eat your heart out.

So we need anger management classes and what the left needs are anger courses — how and why to get angry. Heck, if you can get your anger on to preserve the “right” to kill babies, then you can get angry for anything. If that should get tiring, you can always join the war on the rich campaign to really unload your anger. Or get angry at the cops. Pepp reminded me it goes back to Vietnam with the left. All that fertile anger is so necessary, justified, and needed. Or maybe get angry with Israel. Join that campaign.

In fact, as I pointed out way back on this blog, you can take a course and go to summer camp to learn the art of getting angry at Israel, join the BDS war and take it back to your college campus to recruit others. Or maybe join the war on coal, war on energy, war on fossil fuels. There’s plenty to get angry about. You can even join the Climate Caliphate and go on jihad.(there might even be a nice paycheck in it) Well, you get the point. “War” is the bomb, don’t you know?

But if you are a conservative on the right, you need some serious, forced anger management. Learn the art of being silent (sit down and shut up) or offer appeasement to anything disagreeable. Learn how to be an apologist for terrorists, illegal aliens, and open borders. Learn tolerance and bite your tongue.

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Anger and the walking dead Left

Want to read the complete analysis, see here. But if you want a summary:

Voters are angry — CNN poll

Washington (CNN) — Nearly 7 in 10 Americans are angry at the direction the country is headed and 53% of Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama’s job performance, two troubling signs for Democrats one week before the midterm elections, a new CNN/ORC International Poll shows. …/

The CNN/ORC poll shows that 30% of Americans are “very angry” and 38% are “somewhat angry” about the way things are going in the country, while 31% expressed “no anger” at all. CNN Polling Director Keating Holland notes the 31% of “very angry” Americans matches the mood of the country in 2010 when Republicans took back control of the House.

In next week’s election, the emotion of anger could be a motivating factor in driving out GOP voters. While 36% of Republican voters said they are “extremely” or “very enthusiastic,” about voting this year, only 26% of Democrats use that language to describe themselves, in the CNN/ORC poll.

That’s enough for me. Just like one of those old rock and roll songs when all you need is the chorus to say it all. A total of 68% have some anger.

I’m going to take the liberty of reading between the lines. There are 31% of voters in this country who are tone deaf, and probably don’t know what is going on, who are not pissed off. Let me see now: if those people are not pissed off yet, then maybe they are the walking dead. What would it take to get them angry? I think we know who they are.

But I have a suspicion most of those same people found plenty of anger during Bush’s terms — and he is the one they directed it at, along with anyone even remotely allied to him. Now, suddenly they are not angry about any of this stuff. Come on! Did they all receive therapy? Are they on medication?

I don’t know but beyond the crew in Washington, this is the part of the populace I have problems with. Let’s also say that if they aren’t feeling the pain yet from this regime, they must be therapeutically numbed — or anger challenged. The rest of us see and feel the pain quite well, and blame the progressive collective for it.

So, 30% of voters will be the walking dead on top of the regular dead vote.

As for the rest of the awake among us…

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Angry Obama lectures vengeance in elections

Sourpuss Obama gives angry Rose Garden lecture

An Angry Obama Lashes Out After Gun Control Defeat

By Zeke J Miller — Swampland

Calling the defeat of his gun control efforts “a pretty shameful day for Washington,” a defiant and angry President Barack Obama announced in the Rose Garden Wednesday that the fight would go on.

Stoned faced and curt, the President used unusually pointed words to criticize the 45 Senators, including four Democrats, who successfully defeated the bill, which would have expanded mandatory background checks to gun shows and online sales. Obama said the bill met his own test of worthwhile gun regulation, but “too many Senators failed theirs.” Vice President Joe Biden stood with a fixed grimace to his left, as families of victims from the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and former Rep. Gabby Giffords stood nearby, fighting back tears. Dour-looking aides looked on from the colonnade.

“I’ve heard some say that blocking this step would be a victory. And my question is, a victory for who?” he continued. “All that happened today was the preservation of the loophole that lets dangerous criminals buy guns without a background check. That didn’t make our kids safer.”


Obama’s condemnation was joined by others who promise to continue to push for new gun control measures. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has promised to fund a multi-million dollar ad campaign against those who block new gun controls, said in a statement that the vote was a “damning indictment of the stranglehold that special interests have on Washington.” He blamed both parties for the defeat. “Democrats – who are so quick to blame Republicans for our broken gun laws – could not stand united,” he said in a statement. “And Republicans – who are so quick to blame Democrats for not being tough enough on crime – handed criminals a huge victory, by preserving their ability to buy guns illegally at gun shows and online and keeping the illegal trafficking market well-fed.”

Read more:

Then King Obama was sort of upstaged by dribbling news on the Marathon massacre, with an on again-off again briefing scheduled in that same time slot.

And finally an arrest of a Ricin mailings suspect. So many reasons to be mad, including members of his own Party. And he scolded anyone listening to throw opponents of gun control out in the 2014 election.

Then he took out a group of Democrats to a hotel to talk about gun control, illegal immigration, and his budget. A very full and partisan day for Obastid-in-Chief — while bitterly clinging to gun control, with antipathy toward those different than him.

“Shameful day” means he is exactly back to where he and Michelle began his reign over America: being ashamed of it, and wearing his pattented bitterness on his sleeve as he projects the same on others. Pathetic.