Obama’s unfair and unbalanced approach

And Obama takes on the “conclave”.

Obama’s mantra of a balanced approach apparently does not include a balanced budget any time in the future — in the near term or the far term. Isn’t it funny that the key word Obama always uses is “balanced” and yet he admits his fiscal strategy does not involve balancing the budget?

He told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos he does not believe in balancing the budget “for the sake of balancing the budget”. Gee, and I always thought that was supposed to be one of the primary objectives of a budget. We’re in a brave new world.

So much for Obama’s “irresponsible and unpatriotic” complaints. I guess he believes in leaving his debt debacle to someone else, anyone.

“Fair and balanced” to Obama means unfair and unbalanced. Now that he tells us balancing the budget is not one of his goals, get ready for the other overused word “investment” to explain away his big-spending plans. All those votes get expensive.

This liar in chief is just a walking talking contradicting king of hypocrite hill (mountain). Besides, he doesn’t even plan to put out his budget until next month. And he blames that on the “fiscal cliff”, sequestration, and of course Republicans.

But even better than his unfair and unbalanced approach, Obama does a photo-op  going to meet Republicans in the Capitol and look how it gets reported. On the same day the Catholic Church is choosing its new Pope, nothing stops Obama’s papacy from stealing center stage.  Just look at this ABC report, complete with photo symbolism and suggestive title.

President Obama Faces House Republicans in Capitol Conclave

ap obama capitol hill mi 130313 wblog President Obama Faces House Republicans in Capitol Conclave

President Barack Obama, escorted by House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving, right, arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 13, 2013, for closed-door talks with House Speaker John Boehner and the House Republican Conference to discuss the budget. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo)

Still, there is likely more hope for a new Pope today, than positive prospects for a bipartisan debt deal.

Say what, a new Pope is relevant to fiscal stalemates? Maybe they planned black and white smoke for effects too. Some red hats for congress would add to the visuals. Maybe they could have arranged for someone to bow and kiss his ring.

Let me see if I can further their narrative in Rome. Maybe the new Pope ought to immediately start blaming the prior Pope and then take pot shots at the cardinals rather than concentrate on his duties. Yea, that sounds like a plausible comparison. Then he could take to the road and tell the “faithful” to call up the cardinals and get after them. Am I taking it a bit far? I’m just fed up with their narrative.

What’s next, how about a big shout out to the church of Climatology? (that’s coming)

Obama’s bomber interview

That’s an interview when you throw bombs every 15 seconds, as he typically does.
Toward the end of his softball interview before the Super Bowl.

“What I’ve said repeatedly is Washington cannot continue to operate under a cloud of crisis. That, uh, freezes up consumers, it gets businesses worried. We can’t afford these self-inflicted wounds and there’s a way to solve these budget problems in a responsible way, through a balanced approach the vast majority of people agree with.

If we do that, there’s no reason why we can’t have really strong growth in 2013, but , you know, we can’t have Washington dysfunction getting in the way.”

Does the Liar-in-Chief ever think about what he is saying, or does he just repeat it figuring Americans cannot see through his smokescreen? Mr. Crisis himself– “we can’t wait” — lectures us about the “cloud of crisis” in DC? From Mr. never let a crisis go to waste.

Who is the chief cause of “Washington dysfunction”? And let’s say his “balanced approach” is NOT BALANCED, or UNBALANCED. (not even close) “Budget problems” and responsibility? Does he ever accept responsibility for anything? No.

“Can’t afford these self-inflicted wounds”? That’s what the American people have been saying for 4 years now, while Obama held us hostage.

As for “really strong growth”: can anyone think of one thing that he did in four years to encourage strong growth? I can’t even think of anything he did to encourage growth.

Oh, the irony that this was a pre-Super Bowl interview when not one of his plays… statements was challenged or met any resistance. In fact, this could have been written by the White House because it mentioned every favorite pandering issue and talking point on their list. Women, gays, cuts in military spending, “investments”, even Boy Scouts. And Scott Pelley conveniently worked it all into under 8 minutes. Made to order.

Plus, hypocrite-in-chief managed to get in an offsides jab at football safety. (no penalty) Obama didn’t have to worry about getting a concussion from that interview.

By any reasonable measure of common sense, this should have went down as a loss. However, his minions and cronies think it was superb. The same problem the election had. Too many people went along with his Hail Mary when they should have challenged it. Probably no one wants to sack this pretender for fear of getting a lot of that brown stuff on them.