Banana Republic

Some people say we are now a “banana republic”. I take extreme issue with that. We are now a rotten tomato mobocracy. It only took how many years?

And …

The Brownshirts are coming…the Brownshirts are coming.
Oh, remember this Boxer statement about ObamaCare protestors?

And yes, they called Tea Partiers Brownshirt protestors too. Albeit nicely dressed Brownshirts, according to Boxer. Maybe the problem was the optics; they looked like middle class Americans. Oops. Progressives can’t have that especially if Libs claim to speak for and support middle class America. Tea Partiers should have dressed, you know, like protestors.

But that was about speaking truth to power. In the Left’s case,  the power is speaking down to the drones that will believe them no matter what. Hence, brownshirts. Obama keeps telling them call your reps and tell them you want ObamaCare, tell them you want spending, tell them you demand gun control, etc. The home of “Astroturf” is the Democrat Party, but don’t let the truth get in their way.

And yet here is Benjamin Carson speaking at the prayer breakfast. Keep an eye on Obama

But you can see Michelle applauding throughout, while stiff-necked Obama sat like a stewing tyrant. His nation of thugocrats does not appreciate the truth, especially when it convicts them.

The Brownshirts are coming…the Brownshirts are coming.

Can’t you smell what Barack is cooking?