To Bibi or not Bibi ?

Let’s talk a minute about political objectives and Netanyahu’s coming joint-session speech to Congress. So the White House suggests election politics are in play, possibly giving Bibi an upper hand. You really don’t have to look far for the hypocrisy with the left.

Now Biden signals that he will conveniently be traveling and won’t attend. There are countless Democrats now weighing their attendance on the tea leaves. Politics? It’s rife with politics on the Left, isn’t everything? In the midst of growing campaigns, mainly from Left wing activists, Dems are strategizing how to play to their anti-Israel base. Washington Democrat, Rep. Jim McDermott, will not attend.

There are lots of politics in play at the moment. Palestinians are geared up for a UN resolution against Israel. Coincidentally, there have also been demonstrations on campuses criticizing Israel. There is the BDS movement vying for its relevance, gathering support from college campuses and academia. Obama campaign operatives are working to oust Netanyahu. Now the Left calls politics/activism on Bibi’s speech to Congress. Really?

The objective is to get Bibi to back out of the speech over criticism. That would be a win from both the anti-Israel crowd and Netanyahu’s opponents. A win-win, as they say.


Consuls in U.S. warn: Israel’s friends fear Netanyahu’s speech to Congress will harm ties

“Despite the extensive criticism, Netanyahu tells group that he has no intention of backing out of the speech.”

Fatah movement calls for anti-Israel protest across Palestine

Palestinian Fatah movement has called on people across Palestine to participate in a protest against the Israeli regime.

It said the demonstration will call for boycotting Israeli products.

Read more at Press TV

There was the incidental pro-Palestine resolution on UC Davis campus and the fallout.

Former prime minister of Israel, Shimon Peres, voiced his disapproval for Bibi’s speech saying, “when the President of the United States asks him not to come before elections, he must respect that request.” Peres scheduled a speech/interview at a NY university just before our midterm elections.(a global leaders lecture on ISIS and Democracy) Evidently, election politics were not a problem then. There were no big political objections then from the White House either.

Jerusalem Post:

The [Bibi] speech has created a rift amongst Democrats, Politico reported. The lawmakers are torn between supporting Israel and supporting their president whose absence from Netanyahu’s speech has been long confirmed.

Pelosi: Members Won’t ‘Boycott’ Netanyahu Speech. But They Might Be too Busy to Go.

Reps. John Lewis and G.K. Butterfield will skip the address, and Pelosi noted that lawmakers have packed schedules.

Yes, those packed schedules — after midterm election campaigns. Busy, busy, busy.
‘Choose wisely, grasshopper.’ So who is really playing politics here?