Divide and conquer in SOTUS

Bold is out, achievable is in, and division is always on the menu.

Reports say Obama will not make any “bold claims” in his 5th SOTU. When has he not made bold, in your face announcements? But that is his forte.

I know this because AOL news says so. As adept as this pretender is at lying, you can probably take that with a half-grain of salt. Whatever he says, always expect the opposite.

BTW, it might surprise a few but I give him credit. Congratulations, Obama, for forcing people to talk about a serious issue. No, I don’t mean healthcare, or illegal aliens, or any of Leftists’ pet issues. He has done more to get people talking about the “s” word than anyone I know of. No, not sex but secession. I don’t remember the subject being so prominently mentioned before, having petitions in many states.

Well, I knew this guy could make history, just not the way he wanted. Mr. Popularity has made Big-Goverment pretty unpopular.

On a side note, what we can be sure will not be in the speech are explanations about his many scandals, we are told don’t exist. So anyone tuning in to see his latest denial on Benghazigate, greengate, IRS, or phonegate will be disappointed. Rather than “bold claims”, they say he’ll accentuate “the achievable”. There’s a pretty bold claim.

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Who are those conservatives

Every so often with bad weather I flip through the weather channel, usually disappointed at the non-local forecast anyway. This time I was treated to Al Roker’s narration about the Sunday Climate Change rally/march on the Mall in DC.

Washington DC, now there’s a Climate I wouldn’t mind changing.

It was the same mantra we heard before. Only contrast it with the way news covered the Tea Parties. They would talk over protestors, or shut down Tea Party activists the minute they didn’t like their free speech. Not for the climate ralliers. No one checked for the participants degrees or credentials in Climatology.They interviewed lots of them, as many as they could.. One woman said she was there doing this for her kids. They are the ones who will have to live with these “severe storms” and violent weather patterns, she claimed.

However, it seems every time the lunar left has one of these rallies, they always zero in on a couple of people who claim “I’m a big Constitutional Conservative…and I have to support this too”. Who are these token conservative plants they always seem to find so easily? Weather Channel had no problem finding one soon into their coverage. I don’t come across them when talking to conservatives. I don’t see them elsewhere. But they make grand debuts in front of TV cameras though. I beg to disagree whether they are conservatives. I can see they are real people, but Conservatives? Don’t make me laugh. Who are these fine feathered conservatives?

Enjoy a little clip from the left’s Democracy Now…or not.
(minus the conservative imposters)

Calling the Keystone pipeline a “boondoggle”. That’s funny, what about the boondoggle that is Solyndra, greengate, and Obama’s green energy agenda? Now that’s a boondoggle. “2/3rd of our fossil fuels must stay in the ground” for the temperature to moderate and remain acceptable, “arresting climate change”, according to Sierra Club.

Here’s how the left operates: (calling Tea Party activists retarded)